First-Year Mom Tips for The Millennial Mom

If you’ve just welcomed your newest bundle of joy or are on the heels of being a first-year mom, there are new things you’re learning every day and, frankly, need to know.
Like how do you care for this super brand new person you’re now responsible for.
A new mom reported and jokingly expressed, what to expect when you’re expecting dot com, what it was like being discharged from the hospital with her baby and husband, “It seems like there should at least be a test or something we have to pass first.” [about leaving with a new baby].
The new mom continued,
“I know I had to pass a product test before they let me be a cashier at a grocery store in college, [and I know] Babies are way more complex than a kumquat.”
But honestly, she continued, “although he does kind of look like a bruised cantaloupe. Just the fact that I could compare an infant to bad fruit with a straight face meant I was already acclimating to the extreme weirdness of being a new parent. You find yourself doing things you’d never thought you’d do (in public, no less), yelling things you never thought you’d say, wearing things you swore you’d never wear, and laughing at things that really shouldn’t be that funny.”

And for those members of your family who are ready and eager to help after the birth of baby, that same article explained, “families and close ones looking to help can send loved ones and those new moms easy to prepare meals in a variety of serving sizes and frequencies, and take one less chore off their plate.”

Because being ready when those hunger pangs hit are so important.
USA Today with another reminder that read, “Let’s be real. New parents don’t have a lot of time or energy to meal prep or plan. And going to the grocery store [during the early days of the pandemic] is a little tricky these days. So gifting a meal kit delivery is a great idea.”
Making sure you have lots of bottles for nighttime baby feeds and food set up for yourself will help for those countless team no sleep nights.
Another tip you may want to look into is hiring a night nurse or taking that offer from your favorite aunt or baby’s grandmother about helping you adjust to your new ‘hood. Because mommy needs shut-eye too, even if it’s just 5 minutes.
A Baby’s sleep cycle will look different for every baby and you. So establishing a nightly baby routine is so important.
So get that baby bouncer if you need help soothing baby to sleep, get those noise-canceling earbuds if you need that 10 minutes of uninterrupted sleep, or that new fancy vacuum cleaner if you have to; for the days you’ll need that extra help and a clean house.
And always remember there are so many books and even Facebook groups you can join to help you transition into your newest role, queen. Shout out to all mothers, old and new, unused.

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