Creative Ways To Share Your Faith In 2021

Last year may have disrupted plans and evangelical events, but our faith persisted. Ministries from around the country dug into their creative skills and brainstormed how to effectively witness about Christ, even while having to social distance.

In spite of a devastating pandemic, it could not be an excuse to regress from sharing the faith with others. The challenge was obvious but still many rose to the occasion and overcame any obstacles to outreach.

God provided the wisdom and tools available for the Church to continue the kingdom’s mission, whether “in and out of season.”

InClub prepares this guide to encourage youth groups, ministries, and yourself to not give up on advancing the gospel in 2021.

Virtual Discipleship

Church leaders learned the advantages of adaptable digital platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts, which help believers to connect for one-to-one discipleship and increases member engagement for church-related activities.

However, nothing compares to the warmth in-person gatherings continue to provide to the body of Christ. Youth react differently in-person, people’s attention responds in special ways, and the essential role non-verbal communication plays in developing relationships vs how we interact virtually can never be replaced.

Still, not all hope is lost with online discipleship, especially in terms of reaching those who have yet to know God.

These online platforms could create convenience for otherwise conflicting schedules. For example, group arrangements can bring men together who normally rather stay to themselves or only have a small network of brothers to confide in. 

Support Your Community

We are reminded of the call to not simply preach with words, but equally, to live out our faith to its full extent and to demonstrate that same belief in action.

A unique way to share the gospel without allowing our nerves to choke us up, or not feel confident that you ‘know enough’ is simply identifying a need you can take responsibility for. Not only would you demonstrate authentic care and trustworthiness to those you meet, but they may become more receptive to hear the word and understand why you are different.

To supply someone’s need does not mean you must always give financially. A person may appreciate you just taking out the time to meet them, listen, and give a gift you recognize they will benefit from.

You live to reflect Christ, but do not need to dismiss their reality. Give freely without personal gain, believing what you have known, and from this–seeds of salvation are sown for God to bring growth.

Create New Content

Anything from praise dances to spoken word can be useful methods for sharing your passion for Christ with family, friends, and neighbors.

One positive thing the pandemic has done was to allow innovation to flourish. Things that possibly would’ve been put on hold for years to come suddenly received the attention they needed, with people finding the time to now explore their options.

In 2020, artists began to write new songs out of pain and hope, writers released new books, and churches incorporated high-tech equipment to boost their services. The message of our faith continuously reminding us that we are able to thrive despite unfortunate or unpleasant times, as our dependence comes from above.

Instead of permitting negativity to settle in, ask yourself what can I make of this moment? What good can come out of my reality and who can be encouraged by my transparency? We are not called to hide our pain or ignore our weaknesses, but to share with the world how God receives the glory through our struggle.

May this be the very sign you have been praying for to begin something new!

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