TV Shows with Unforgettable Fashion

Step into the world of television, where captivating stories and memorable characters come to life. Beyond the plot twists and compelling narratives, another element often steals the spotlight and leaves a lasting impression: fashion. From iconic outfits that define eras to avant-garde ensembles that push boundaries, TV shows have showcased an array of unforgettable fashion moments. These choices serve as a visual feast and play a crucial role in character development and storytelling. So we’ll delve into television and explore the TV shows that have left a memorable mark on the fashion landscape. Get ready to be dazzled as we journey through some of the small screen’s most unforgettable fashion moments.



The Witcher: Blood Origin 

Going to be very specific here because nothing was more captivating than Princess Merwyn’s looks throughout the series. Fashion and fantasy are a beautiful duo, and the stylist and makeup artist did not come to play! Costume designer Lucinda Wright, who also worked on The Witcher Season 2, was responsible for some of Merwyn’s looks. The rest were borrowed from Iris van Herpen, a Dutch designer and Witcher fan known for fusing technology with couture. Hair and makeup designer Deb Watson then stepped in to complete each piece.




A very trendy and modernized family, the Johnsons were. Rainbow, Dre, Zoey, Andre, Diane, and Jack embody fashion sense, thanks to costume designer Michelle R. Cole. She worked closely with the showrunner Kenya Barris and the cast to curate weekly captivating fashion moments. “We wanted to mix up the clothes of high-end designers and basics like Zara, H&M, J. Crew, etc. Just a lot of mixture of designer and basics,” said Cole. “Kenya had a lot of input as far as characters and their personalities. I think we really accomplished that. ABC tends to like colors, I personally love colors, textures and patterns.” 



The White Lotus

A fashion-forward show set in romantic Sicily, Italy. Yes, there will be looks with Italian flavor. These remarkable outfits are courtesy of costume designer Alex Bovaird, who has collaborated with White to make the wardrobe more vibrant and fun. She should be held in high regard for building a unique contemporary ensemble. 



The Squid Games

This may seem ridiculous, but with the magnitude in which this show took over, so did the tracksuits and guard uniforms. Simple but masterful costume design that’s easy to reproduce, especially for Halloween. We can thank Cho Sang-Kyung for this awesomeness. She said about captivating aesthetics, “As always, a simpler approach sends a stronger message.” She couldn’t be more right. 




Across the board has very ornate fashion and keen detail. Set in 1813, Bridgerton gives us Regency with a twist, mixing historical figures with fictional ones. The costumes in season 1 were designed under the vision of New York Costume Designer Ellen Mirojnick. Sophie Canale, after starting as an assistant costume designer in Season 1, worked her way up to become the head costume designer. She wanted to maintain what Ellen had created and really look at the characters. The beloved Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was designed by Lyn Elizabeth Paolo and Laura Frecon, who took the time to visit museums, silk mills, and jewelry houses. Their attention to detail truly paid off.




Let’s mix fashion! This show gives you period pieces and modern world fashion trends. Insert costume designer Carmen Alie. Well, to be fair, Heather Pain designed the pilot episode, and once the show got picked up and changed filming locations, Carmen came on board and made some slight changes.  




These characters are the epitome of style and individuality on the next level. This wouldn’t have been achieved without the visionary costume designer Queen Sylvia Akuchie. Who’s inspiration for this show was culture. Queen wanted people to relate to how every character in the show is an individual with their own style. It was essential to have outfits people could see themselves in. “I wanted to showcase the culture of African Americans, Africans, and the diaspora. You’ll see prints from West Africa and clothing lines from here in LA and from Philadelphia.”




Fashion that’s creepy and kooky! This show is memorable for many things, but the costume design by academy award winner Colleen Atwood is top-tier. She has worked on many projects with director Tim Burton, so this series fits the beautifully macabre nature of his style. Colleen demonstrates the endless possibilities that colors, textures, and patterns offer.   



The Queens Gambit

Take us back to the 1960s for fashion. Queen’s Gambit was a big series in 2020, with millions streaming it, and surely the styling helped boost it. Let’s clap it up for costume designer Gabriele Binder. Who drew inspiration for the character Beth from Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seberg, Edie Sedgwick, Juliette Gréco, and other French singers and stars.



Stranger Things

This is fun 80’s fashion, and how could you not like it? Amy Parris, is the incredible costume designer for Stranger Things. The length that this show goes to make sure the details are spot on is incredible. Amy notes every design, button, and color palette used in each season. Now, that’s thorough. She and her team of designers deliver every season, making it even sadder that the series is ending.

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