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Is Google Certifications Really Disrupting College Degree Programs?

Google Certifications Disrupting College Degree Programs

Google continues to make waves by becoming innovative in the way we learn, consume information, and now, obtaining a degree. Last month, Google announced its launch of professionally tailored courses that will teach job seekers the skills needed to land major careers in tech, graphic design, software engineering, and more. Leaving many to ask, “will […]

Top Things to Consider Before Applying to a Graduate Program


Graduate school has been a huge benefit to me personally. It also is an enlightening experience compared to my time as an undergrad. There are a plethora of career opportunities that you can access from many graduate programs. The question I often get is, what are things to consider in a graduate program? There are […]

5 Ways That Colleges Should Improve the Freshman Experience

For incoming freshmen starting college can be a very exciting and somewhat stressful time. Colleges and universities do their best to ensure that freshmen have a smooth transition. However, sometimes they need more than just the usual icebreaker social events to become more acclimated to campus life. Reflecting on my own college experience as a […]

Temple’s Public Inaction is Hurting Black Students


When l attended Temple University I was on the executive board of the Black Student Union (BSU). One of my favorite things about being a member of BSU was the protests we participated in. During the Colin Kaepernick protests we staged a sit-in at the Homecoming football game at Lincoln Financial Field. We marched down […]

Is COVID-19 Revolutionizing The College Admission Process?

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Standardized testing and grades stalled after state mandated quarantines drove kids off of campuses, forcing many Universities and Colleges to search for alternative ways to select students. Getting an acceptance letter might be easier than it’s ever been in the past, but don’t be so fast to overlook the crisis Covid-19 may also bring when […]