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Six Creative Jobs for Artists Without A Degree


Many of us have a skill, talent, or passion that was God-given. As an artist being able to showcase your natural talent and creativity through art or performances brings an appreciation to the world. There are several different types of art like dancing, writing, music, and fashion – all are creative jobs.

Not all artists have degrees or diplomas from higher institutions. With some artwork, it is not a requirement to participate in the field, but you should always be creative and stay on top of trends. You should also make sure to prepare a good portfolio to show your proficiency, skills, and talent. Pay can range from as low as $27,000 as a cake decorator $50,000 as a content producer to as much as six figures as a videographer.

Here are eight top creative jobs for artists with no degree.

1. Makeup Artist

A make-up artist is responsible for transforming or enhancing the beauty of a person. Some artist has their own studio, or work in the beauty section of a store, while others travel. Make-up artists are sometimes hired privately for special events such as weddings, parties, and theatrical. Well-established make-up artists can also serve as columnists and editors for beauty and style magazines. Some have been seen on panels and have their own blogs/vlogs focused on the art.

U.S. Medium Salary: $64.78/Hour

2. Interior Design 

An interior design artist works with clients to decorate a room or space making it more attractive. The space can range from indoor to outdoor homes, apartments, offices, venues, healthcare, and hotels. Today, many designers use specialized software to draw and visualize the space before bringing it to life.

U.S. Medium Salary: $60,000/Year

3. Graphic Design

Graphic designers use their skills to create logos and images for magazines, advertisements, websites, and marketing material. The designer is known to analyze what message the client is trying to get out by image including the target audience and ideas. Many artists are able to free handly draw, but no worries if you can’t there is specialized software for that.

U.S. Medium Salary: $50,000/Year

4. Choreographer

A choreographer creates dance moves and directs dancers in their styled performances. Known for having a good ear for music and being able to count the beats, many choreographers start off as just a dancer in the background specializing in a specific form of dance like ballet, modern, or hip hop. Many jobs can lead to creating dances for local cheer teams, music videos, and live performances.

U.S. Medium Salary: $20.00/Hour

5. Videographer

A freelance videographer focuses on productions like documentaries, live events, short films, legal depositions, weddings, birthday parties, sports events, commercials, and training videos. Some videographers focus on working alone with a single camera set up or with a small team for editing, sound, and light productions. A corporate videographer makes video productions for the betterment of the company to help with advertising, community outreach, and charity work.

U.S. Medium Salary: $17.00/Hour

6. Writer/Editor

A writer/editor focuses on the words and text of a project. Specializing in advertising, broadcasting, newspaper, magazine, and book publishing industries. You must be detailed oriented as you’ll be obliged to proofread content to make sure there are no grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes while making the text easy to read. Today, most editors can work from the comfort of their homes.

U.S. Medium Salary: $70,000/Year


So, for all of you creatives out there wondering if you can turn your passion into a lucrative career without getting a degree? Well you can! Creative jobs requiring no degree are on the up and up and don’t look as if they are slowing down.




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