Emerging Talent: Meet the Actors

Who doesn’t love to see an actor get that breakout role? That said, there’s a lot of fresh talent flowing through Hollywood. And when we say new, we don’t mean you haven’t seen these actors work before, but you see where the hard work is getting them. Hollywood looks like it’s in good hands with these actors, so get comfortable. This is a pretty hefty list, and anyone not mentioned does not mean they’re not talented, but who wants to be reading for days?



Halle Bailey

Breakout Role: The Little Mermaid (Ariel, in the live-action adaptation)
Next Up: The Color Purple (as a young Nettie)
We are seeing her star rise before our eyes, and it’s beautiful. It’s probably hard to believe that she got her start by posting covers of popular songs on YouTube alongside her sister Chole Bailey. In 2019, Halle was cast as Ariel in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” which was a game changer. This role was her big break and she did a fantastic job. Not only her acting but her singing voice is incredible. If she desires it, I can see her getting an EGOT.  Hollywood needs a bright light like Halle.



Florence Pugh

Breakout Role: Midsommar (Dani Ardor)
Next Up: Dune Part 2 and Oppenheimer
Florence is in a season of flourishing. Her breakout role was Dani Ardor in the horror film “Midsommar” in 2019. Her performance received widespread praise. But truth be told, I haven’t seen that film, so my introduction to her was Black Widow. Pugh also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress when she portrayed Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of “Little Women.” She continues to be a rising star in the film industry, and her talent and versatility have positioned her as one of the most promising young actresses.



Marsi Martin

Breakout Role: Black-ish (Diane Johnson)
Next Up: Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie (voice of Liberty)
Let her be an inspiration to us all. At a whopping age of 18, she has done so much already. She Executive Produced her first movie, “Little,” in 2019 and has gone on to produce 3 other projects. Though there aren’t any other up-and-coming films so far, Marsi is building an empire, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.  



Bella Ramsey

Breakout Role: Game Of Thrones (Lyanna Mormont)
Next Up: The Last of Us (S2)
She is another young buck in the industry at 19, but she’s been in some incredible projects already. Bella gained widespread recognition for portraying Lyanna Mormont, a fierce child warrior, in the critically acclaimed television series “Game of Thrones.” She continued to showcase her talent in other projects like the BBC One series “The Worst Witch,” where she played the lead character Mildred Hubble. And now she’s a fungi-immune teenager in the hit show “The Last Of Us” In addition to her television work, Bella Ramsey has also appeared in feature films. She’s going to be doing big things. 


Austin Butler_BreakoutRole

Austin Butler

Breakout Role: Elvis (Elvis Presley)
Next Up: Dune: Part 2
Butler began his acting career at a young age, appearing in various television shows such as “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” and “Hannah Montana.” He gained recognition for his role as James Garrett in the hit teen sitcom “Zoey 101,” where he showcased his charm and comedic timing. His acting portfolio expanded with notable roles in “Aliens in the Attic” (2009), “Switched at Birth” (2011), and “The Carrie Diaries” (2013-2014). Butler’s talent led to him being cast as Elvis Presley in the biographical drama “Elvis,” directed by Baz Luhrmann. His portrayal of the legendary musician has generated anticipation and excitement among fans and critics alike. Butler will continue to captivate audiences with his performances and promising future projects.


Lashana Lynch_BreakoutRole

Lashana Lynch

Breakout Role: No Time To Die (Nomi)
Next Up: Bob Marley: One Love
Looking through her IMDB, you’ll see that Lashana has many outstanding roles. Lashana gained widespread recognition as Maria Rambeau in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Captain Marvel.” In addition to her work in the Marvel franchise, she showcased her versatility in various film and television projects. She has appeared in British dramas such as “Bulletproof” and “Still Star-Crossed,” demonstrating her ability to tackle diverse roles. Lashana has also broken barriers and made history by being cast as the first female 007 agent in the James Bond film, “No Time to Die.” And let’s not forget her role as Igozie in “The Woman King” and Miss. Honey in “Matilda The Musical” Because our girl knows how to sing. Her casting in such iconic roles is a testament to her talent and the industry’s recognition of her ability to embody complex and powerful characters.


Dominique Thorne_BreakoutRole

Dominique Thorne

Famous Role: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Riri Williams)
Next Up: Avengers: Secret Wars and Ironheart
You may have seen her in the film “If Beale Street Could Talk,” based on the novel by James Baldwin, delivering a compelling performance as Sheila Hunt, the testy younger sister of “Fonny Hunt” (Stephan James). Dominique followed that by starring opposite Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield in “Judas and the Black Messiah.” The film follows the story of Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party, and his fateful betrayal by FBI informant William O’Neal. Thorne plays “Judy Harmon,” Fred’s security team member. As if it couldn’t get any better next, she’s a super gadgety genius and Tony Stark admirer in the film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Thorne plays Riri Williams. Her up-and-coming roles are already big deals, so the future is bright.  


Stephanie Hsu_BreakoutRole

Stephanie Hsu

Breakout Role: Everything Everywhere All At Once
Next Up: Joy Ride and The Fall Guy
Stephanie’s breakout role came in 2017 when she portrayed Christine Canigula in the Broadway musical “Be More Chill.” Her portrayal of the endearing and quirky character earned her a dedicated fan following. In addition to her stage work, Stephanie has made notable appearances on television. She played the role of Mei Chang in the critically acclaimed series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” where she showcased her comedic timing and charm. Her next breakout role would be Joy/Jobu Tupaki in “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” She plays two characters, not to mention we have another singer on our hands. Her voice is fantastic. With her diverse talents and undeniable charisma, Stephanie Hsu continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry.  


Timothée Chalamet_BreakoutRole

Timothée Chalamet

Breakout Role: Call Me by Your Name (Elio)
Next Up: Dune: Part 2, Wonka, and A Complete Unknown
He made his professional acting debut in the television series “Law & Order” in 2009, and he went on to appear in various television shows and short films. However, his breakthrough role as Elio Perlman in the coming-of-age film “Call Me by Your Name” in 2017 garnered him widespread recognition. So much so it earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, making him one of the youngest actors to be nominated in that category in decades. Since then, Chalamet has continued to impress audiences with his diverse roles. He has starred in films such as “Lady Bird” (2017), “Beautiful Boy” (2018), “Little Women” (2019), Dune (2021), and “Bones and All” (2022). We’ll be seeing more of him. 



Letitia Wright

Breakout Role: Black Panther (Shuri)
Next Up: In The Shadows
Letitia gained international recognition for her role as Shuri, the brilliant and tech-savvy princess of Wakanda, in the MCU film “Black Panther.” Her portrayal of the charismatic and intelligent character made her a fan favorite. Before her breakthrough role in “Black Panther,” Letitia had already begun making waves in the industry with notable performances in films such as “Urban Hymn” and “The Commuter.” Her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters, combined with her natural on-screen presence, quickly garnered attention from audiences and critics alike. Letitia’s talent extends beyond the big screen. She has also appeared in television series such as “Black Mirror” and “Humans” With her undeniable talent and inspiring presence, Letitia continues to make an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. 


Steven Yuen_BreakoutRole

Steven Yuen

Breakout Role: The Walking Dead (Glenn)
Next Up: Thunderbolts
Yeun gained widespread recognition for his role as Glenn Rhee in the hit television series “The Walking Dead.” His portrayal of Glenn, a resourceful and resilient survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, endeared him to audiences worldwide. Yeun’s performance on the show earned him a dedicated fan base. Since his breakout role, Yeun has continued to showcase his versatility as an actor in film and television. He has appeared in projects such as “Okja” (2017), “Burning” (2018), and “Minari” (2020). More recently, he was in Jordan Peele’s sci-fi thriller film “Nope” (2022) and one of the characters leads in Netflix’s hit series “Beef” (2023), a dark comedy-drama television series about two strangers getting into a road rage incident that later brings chaos into their lives. It’s nice to see the doors opening for Steven, as there will be many more. 


Jenna Ortega_BreakoutRole

Jenna Ortega

Breakout Role: Wednesday (Wednesday Addams)
Next Up: Wednesday (S2) and Beetlejuice 2
She might be this generation’s goth queen. Jenna started as young Jane in “Jane the Virgin.” Beyond her work on “Jane the Virgin,” Jenna has appeared in various television shows, including “You” and “Stuck in the Middle,” where she demonstrated her range as an actress. But we can’t talk about tv without mentioning Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday,” where Jenna portrays the lead character Wednesday Addams and effortlessly brings depth and authenticity to the character. In addition to her television work, Jenna has also made her mark in the film industry. She starred in the horror film “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” and lent her voice to the animated film “The Fallout.” Also, she is a part of the “Scream” franchise as Tara Carpenter, the main protagonist’s sister. As she takes on new and exciting projects, audiences can look forward to witnessing her continued growth.


Keke Palmer_BreakoutRole

Keke Palmer

Breakout Role: Akeelah and the Bee
Next Up: The Backup
Catching her on her IG is fun, even when she’s not acting. Keke Palmer is a multi-talented artist who has impacted the industry as an actress, singer, and tv host. Keke’s breakthrough came with her leading role in “Akeelah and the Bee” in 2006, where she portrayed a young spelling bee prodigy. Since then, Keke has continued to impress audiences with projects like the film “Nope” (2022). Keke has made a name for herself as a talented singer. She recently released her new album “Big Boss,” accompanied by a 41-minute feature film, because why not? Apart from her accomplishments as an actress and singer, Keke has also excelled as a television host. She has served as a co-host on the talk show “Strahan, Sara and Keke” and has guest-hosted on “Good Morning America.” Her vibrant personality, quick wit, and engaging presence have made her a fan favorite. 


LaKeith Steinfield_BreakoutRole

LaKeith Steinfield

Breakout Role: Atlanta (Darius)
Next Up: Haunted Mansion and The Book of Clarence
Stanfield’s acting career began with small roles in short films and television shows. However, his breakthrough performance as the eccentric character Darius Epps in the hit television series “Atlanta” brought him widespread recognition and praise. His portrayal of Darius, a philosophical and enigmatic character, showcased his versatility with such an unconventional character. Since then, Stanfield has gone on to deliver remarkable performances in films such as “Short Term 12” (2013), “Get Out” (2017), “Sorry to Bother You” (2018), “Judas and the Black Messiah” (2021) and The Harder They Fall (2021). In addition to his acting career, Stanfield is also known for his musical talents. He collaborated with various artists and even released his music under the moniker “Htiekal.” Needless to say, he’ll be around for a while. 


Ayo Edebir_BreakoutRole

Ayo Edebir

Breakout Role: The Bear (Sydney Adamu)
Next Up: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem and Thunderbolts
You may not know the name but you know the face. She’s steadily becoming known on our tv screens. Ayo Edebiri is a comedian, writer, producer, and actress. If you watched “Big Mouth,” then know that Ayo voiced Missy. She also has a breakout role on the new hit series “The Bear,” where she plays Sydney Adamu, a smart but insecure young sous chef whose ideas and ambition exasperate her. Also, she plays Ayesha Teagues, Janine Teagues’s sister, on the hit show “Abbott Elementary.” With a charismatic personality and commitment to her skill  we’ll continue to see more of Ayo Edebir.


Dominique Fishback_BreakoutRole

Dominique Fishback

Breakout Role: Judas and the Black Messiah (Deborah Johnson)
Next Up: TBD
Fishback gained widespread recognition as Deborah Johnson in the film “Judas and the Black Messiah” (2021), where she starred alongside Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield. Her portrayal of Deborah, the girlfriend of Black Panther Party chairman Fred Hampton, earned her nominations for several awards. She also joined the Transformer franchise in the new film “Transformers: Rise of the Beast” as Elena Wallace. Before her breakthrough role, Fishback appeared in various television series, including “The Deuce,” “The Affair,” and “Show Me a Hero.” But the tv series “Swarm,” a parody thriller where she plays Dre, a fan willing to do anything for her favorite artist, including murder, showcased her acting chops. Dominique continues to showcase her versatility and establish herself as a talented and promising actor.


Zazie Beats_BreakoutRole

Zazie Beats

Breakout Role: Atlanta (Vanessa)
Next Up: Joker: Folie à Deux
First of all, her name is dope but Beats gained widespread recognition for her role as Vanessa “Van” Keefer in the tv series “Atlanta” (2016-2022), created by Donald Glover. In addition to her television work, Beats has made a mark in the film industry with standout performances in movies such as “Deadpool 2” (2018), where she played the role of Domino, a mutant with exceptional luck. The Harder They Fall, where she played Mary Feilds, the former lover of the main character Nat Love. Bullet Train, where she played deadly assassin The Hornet. Who uses poison to take down her targets. Zazie will continue to captivate audiences and establish herself as a star.  


Shim Lui_BreakoutRole

Shim Lui

Breakout Role: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Shuan)
Next Up: Barbie and Avengers: Secret Wars
My man started working at an accountant firm and modeled in stock photography photos. Talk about staying the course. Shim Lui played Jung Kim on the CBC sitcom Kim’s Convenience (2016). And if you didn’t know, he’s also a writer and producer. His breakout role came when he dawned the 10 rings and became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He played Shaun, who becomes the Shang-Chi, the master of weaponry-based Kung Fu, and is forced to confront his past after being drawn into the Ten Rings organization. Shim has quite a few acting credits and many projects coming up. Get ready because he’s just getting started.  


Pedro Pascal_BreakoutRole

Pedro Pascal

Breakout Role: Game of Thrones (Oberyn Martell)
Next Up: Gladiator 2 and Minecraft
Pascal gained significant recognition for his portrayal of Oberyn Martell in the popular tv series “Game of Thrones,.” He has also starred in various other notable roles, including Javier Peña in the Netflix series “Narcos” and the titular character in the hit Disney+ series “The Mandalorian,” where he brings to life the iconic bounty hunter known as Din Djarin. But we must mention yet another iconic role where he plays Joel from the epic tv series “The Last of Us,” A post-apocalyptic drama series. Aside from his television work, Pascal has appeared in several films, including “The Equalizer 2,” “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” further showcasing his range as an actor. With his undeniable talent and screen presence, Pedro Pascal has solidified his status as one of the industry’s most sought-after actors.



Anthony Ramos

Breakout Role: Hamilton (John Laurens)
Next Up: Ironheart, Dumb Money, Twisters
Ramos gained widespread recognition for his roles in the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” where he originated the dual roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton. His powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence garnered critical acclaim, earning him a Tony Award nomination. Following his success in “Hamilton,” Ramos made his film debut in the musical drama “A Star Is Born” (2018), alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Ramos has continued to showcase his talent in various projects, including the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “In the Heights” (2021), Spike Lee’s tv series “She’s Got To Have It” as Mars Blackmon, and currently, Transformers: Rise of the Beast. In addition to his acting career, Anthony Ramos has also pursued his passion for music. He has released his music with his debut album, “The Good & The Bad” (2019). So watch out for this one. He’s paving the way for himself.


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