Who You Got? Prime Video or Netflix

Who you got? Prime Video or Netflix? Streaming is the way of life now as it stands on the neck of cable. This takeover has produced so many streaming services that it’s tough to keep up. Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and I could keep going, but we’ll be here all day! 

Sure, everyone has at least a top three that they circulate through regularly, and I’ll be bold enough to say Prime Video and Netflix are in the top 3.


Netflix Logo 


But which is better, Prime Video or Netflix? In my completely humble opinion, Netflix is better. Yes, Netflix is more expensive than Prime Video, but not by much. Also, a lot of the cool movies and tv shows available on Prime Video come from third-party subscriptions, so are you saving money? 

Netflix is the originator of this streaming mess, period. Once a laughing stock, then a Blockbuster killer, and now global domination! Other platforms ain’t got Ish on them. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but hear me out. 

Netflix has over 223 million users since its start 25 years ago. However, that is a good stat that doesn’t necessarily make it better. What makes it better is not just its humble beginnings but the quality of content they turn out. They’re an on-demand and production company. This means we get Netflix originals, but through paid distribution, we also get to see the work of talented people across the globe. Things we would otherwise miss out on.

Yes, there’s been talk of price increases seeing how Netflix started out at $8 in 2007 and is now $15.49. But to quote Fat Joe, a famous rapper,

“yesterday’s price is not today’s price.”

That’s proper business. Mind you, price increases apply to all streaming services. 

Yes, there’s been talk of a drop in subscriptions, but that’s normal when there are so many more options now than when Netflix first started. People also got in their feelings when Netflix cracked down on sharing passwords which reduced their numbers but looking at it from a business standpoint, you have to make those kinds of decisions. If you’re a numbers person, Netflix still leads with the most subscriptions. 


If this isn’t enough to prove their worth, here’s a list of some of what Netflix has given us in 2022 to aid in our binge-steaming. 


Wednesday_Netflix Wednesday 

The Crown_Netflix The Crown (S5)

StrangerThings_Netflix Stranger Things (S4) 

GlassOnion_Netflix Glass Onion: Knives Out Mystery. 

TheWitcher_BloodOrigin_Netflix The Witcher: Blood Origin

The AdamProject_Netflix The Adam Project 


Because I am a fair individual, I will also leave you with tidbits about Prime Video. 


prime video


I do watch Prime Video because it provides different kinds of shows and movies. As mentioned before, Prime video is less expensive than Netflix. You can access the streaming service through an Amazon Prime subscription at $14.99 a month, or you can pay for a Prime Video membership at $8.99 a month. 

Though Prime Video is not as old as Netflix, they have gotten over 200 million subscribers since its start 16 years ago. Proving there’s room for all in this world of streams. 

Yes, the user experience on the platform needs a little improvement. It’s cramped, making it feel like shows and movies are hard to find. Especially since subheads don’t stand out. Also, already-watched movies tend to stay in your “continue watching section.” This may not be an issue for everyone but for me, it is. Get it out of here! Otherwise, you are still able to watch high-quality stuff. The issues are minor. 

As mentioned before, Prime Video has a lot of good movies and shows to choose from, but keep in mind some of the excellent content available is through third-party subscriptions like Showtime, Paramount +, Starz, and BET +. So, if you are not using third-party subs, you have access to less.

Prime offers a live tv option, unlike Netflix, which allows you to watch those shows you love that comes on cable.


Here’s some of the original content Prime Video has given us in 2022


RingsofPower_PrimeVideo The Rings of Power

ThePeripheral_PrimeVideo The Peripheral 

SavageX__PrimeVideo Savage X Fenty Show (Vol 4)  

TheBoys_PrimeVideo The Boys (S3)

thirteen-lives-movie-review__PrimeVideo Thirteen Lives

Master_PrimeVideo Master


We pay for multiple streaming platforms since there is no one-size-fits-all standard. Outside of what works for your budget, an easy way to pick one or determine which one you want to keep is to ask yourself which one you spend the most time on. 

So yeah, I’m team Netflix for now but based on what’s above, who do you got? 


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