The Joyful Trailblazer: Danielle Pinnock’s Impact

The joyful trailblazer. What’s that? It’s someone who has a way of inflecting joy in you through their joy. In this case, that someone is Danielle Pinnock. I’ve never met Danielle, but I’m glad to see her on TV and on her IG page @bodycourage. 

The reason why people like Danielle are important is because oftentimes, we don’t concentrate on our happiness. We don’t realize how influenced we can be by negative comments, amped-up music, and disappointment. There’s more that can be added to this, but we may think we’re doing fine and not realize how many more joyful experiences we need. We live in a fast-paced world that throws a lot of situations at us on a daily. And in those moments, how many of those situations are joyful? How many times do you laugh? Or smile because you saw something positive that felt good to your soul. Sometimes joy doesn’t have to be inflected by you. Sometimes you can experience joy by seeing someone else live their authentic life.   

You see, Danielle’s positivity led me to follow her on Instagram. I delight in seeing her, as I call it, walking in her purpose. Her IG page feels comedicly genuine, warm, and welcoming, and more people should experience her. 

However, I  want to be careful because though she’s joyful, I don’t want to make it seem like she’s impenetrable to having difficult times. Or that it’s her job to display herself as happy or to make us happy all the time. She’s human and should be handled with care like all of us. Though my limited experience with her has been kicks and giggles, I do understand as people, we go through ebbs and flow, and regardless of this, we should be respected. Having joy doesn’t mean you don’t get upset, sad, or even depressed. It means that despite it all, you can still smile. Anywho, I want to give Danielle Pinnock her figurative flowers. 



Where You’ve Seen Her?

Actress, comedian, and writer Danielle Pinnock’s most recent notable role is in the CBS series “Ghost,” where she plays the 1920s Prohibition-era jazz singer Alberta. She brings so much wit and energy to the character. A special dynamic that pairs well with all the other great actors on the show. 

In full transparency, I haven’t watched the show. I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but the bits I have seen were entertaining. I’m mentioning this because Alberta is so captivating that when season 2 E21, “Whodunnit,” came out about who killed Alberta. I watched it, even though I haven’t seen any of the seasons. Her comedic acting is worth me, or should I say us, watching Ghost. 


Other cool things about Danielle Pinnock

  • She met Quinta Brunson at Temple University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in theatre and communications. 
  • She interviewed around 300 people for her one-woman dissertation show Body/Courage, which centers on body image and diet culture, and went on to perform the show for over five years.
  • Her first television role was on NBC’s “This Is Us.” She has also appeared on the series Get Shorty, Workaholics, and A Black Lady Sketch Show and has done voice acting. You might remember a movie called The Boss Baby: Back in Business.



Why So Joyful?

When you watch people who are being themselves and through that, it genuinely makes you feel good, it’s a beautiful moment. It’s pure joy. I’m not talking about people doing stunts or tricks for laughs (though that can bring you joy) I mean simply by them sharing news and/or being excited for themselves or others puts a smile on your face. That’s Danielle. Her personality is one for the books. Her IG is more than her sharing news we do get the chance to watch her dip into her comedic bag and pull out some funny reels. She sometimes brings her husband in on the fun. It’s a profile full of feel-good, and here are some standout moments.


  • Danielle became a figurative fairy godmother and opened up her closet to singer samyracambrielle so she could have a dress for The Little Mermaid premiere. She provided a dress and had help from some of her stylist and designer friends. 
  • She wrote a beautiful opinion piece on Lizzo for the Washington Post about fat shaming. I assure you it’s a good read, so read it after you read this!
  • She had the experience of a lifetime at Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour and felt so inspired she wrote a poem called “Alien In The Wild” inspired by Alien Superstar and shot visuals for Queen Bey’s birthday. It just so happens to be her favorite song. 


She has shown up on her social platforms and is vulnerable with us. Sharing her wedding stories and her insecurities, and I’m so appreciative of her for that. One, because she doesn’t have to do that, and two, it further shows that we are all out here trying in this thing called life. 



What’s Danielle Doing Now?

  • She was on the Leading Ladies with Laughs panel at the 2023 Essence Fest. Bresha Webb and Gina Yashere accompanied her.  
  • She’s in a funny commercial spot with Virgin Voyages. With the way AI goes, this commercial might become a reality. 
  • Ghost has been greenlit for a season 3, so if these writers get what they deserve in this writer’s strike, then we will be seeing her pop up there again, too.
  • She will be starring opposite Eddie Murphy in the feature Candy Cane Lane—a holiday comedy for Prime Video. 


Danielle has worked hard for many years and even created some pathways for herself when Hollywood wasn’t giving her much to work with. She’s thrived on off-broadway and international stages. Created viral sketches series (Hashtag Booked). Lends her voice to other recurring animation roles. This is not an overnight process, but over these past few years, we’re seeing the shine! 

Her being a cheerleader for her work and others, coupled with the smiles she brings to so many, it’s hard not to find joy in the positivity she thrust back into the world. Her magnetic energy inspires us and graces us with laughter as our natural high. Though she is a comedian, and that’s part of what they do, certain people make you FEEL joy. Daniel makes you feel happy by experiencing her. I don’t know if she realizes how much her energy positively impacts those viewing her from a screen, but continue doing what you’re doing, Danielle.

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