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Simone Biles shows us how to stand up for ourselves

Simone Biles

Simone Biles withdrew from the gymnastic team final, and I was stunned. Reports said it was a “medical issue”. Instantly, I knew what that term meant, Biles was struggling with her mental health, and when she followed up with the press, she confirmed my intuition. I once was athlete, not as nearly big as Simone […]

All eyes are on Sha’Carri Richardson as she sweeps up her competition

Sha'Carri Richardson

This past week Sha’Carri Richardson secured her spot on the Women’s Olympic team for the 100-meter dash.   Making a statement by winning the finals of the Olympic Trials (women’s 100-meter dash) with a time of 10.86, the Texas native also put the world on notice when she ran a blazing 10.64 (win-aided: not eligible for a […]