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by: Dion Ringgold

11 Sep

Nowadays everyone believes that they are experts and gurus on relationships and love. Well, we will not be the ones to break that trend. Whether you see yourself as a lady-killer, Rico Sauvé, a shy girl or Sasha fierce, I have witnessed some poor decisions concerning first dates and first date attire. Quite frankly, I myself have never been guilty of either. Sarcasm, of course I have been guilty so I am going to give you the top five places not to go on a first date and outfits you should not wear on a first date.

by: admin

09 Sep

Come as you are is the invitation of many churches nowadays but very often I think that is lost in translation. In it’s most original form I believe it was the breaking down of tradition and dogma that resided in doilies and oversized skirts for women. “Church clothes” usually were thought of as your Sunday outfit to be worn for the chore of going to church. It was sort of like your work uniform, and the kids only went so they would not get in trouble. (Insert the Marshawn Lynch clip!)