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Tommy Hilfiger partners with Zendaya

March 31, 2019136Shares

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Have you heard? The Disney show, Casey Undercover’s leading lady Zendaya has partnered with the timeless, Tommy Hilfiger on a line pushes out about a month ago. The TommyXZendya line features pieces very much reminiscent of pop 70’s culture. When I took a look at the collection, My computer screen screamed Patty Hansen and Beverley Johnson. I mean the items are beautiful and certainly fit in with the trends right now. As we know, everything in fashion is literally recycled. We were just on the neon’s and rainbows from the 80’s it’s only right that the 70’s pushes on through.

Zendaya has been silent doing her thing in 2019. She’s partnered with Tommy Hilfiger and also with Lancome. I feel that she is making the most amazing transition from Disney child start to fashion Icon. I mean, have you seen her Instagram lately? Zendaya and Tommy Hilfiger recently made their debut in Paris fashion week which was a complete hit. From the looks of it, the retro line was ecstatically accepted by the crowd. I decided to take a look at each price on the site mostly to check out the prices. The first Item I saw was a shaded pair of round shaped sun glasses running for about $160.00 and a trench coat running for about $425.00. Might I add that they have include a plus collection to the Spring 2019 line as well.

Zendaya was featured in the March Issue of Vogue wearing her Tommy Hilfiger suit with Queen Latifah Set it of braids all the way to the back, which she killed honey! She thanked @voguemagazine and proceeded to flood our Instagram timelines with looks from the line in a brady bunch looking setting. I was honestly floored at how beautifully these pieces came together on her I was honestly disappointed when looking at the same items on the models on the Tommy Hilfiger site. Maybe it was just for her. I am torn between feeling the 70’s vibe and resisting the urge to completely shun the look simply because of the prices. One must understand that Tommy Hilfiger is timeless, his pieces have been in literally my whole life and to Collab with a baddies such as Zendaya has a lot to do with it.

The runway set for Paris fashion week featuring the new line included the 2019 fall collection of the TommyXZendaya movement. Apparently the only items available on the site for purchase right now are the pieces from the spring collection. The items that Zendaya was wearing on her Instagram flood were from the fall collection, which explains the difference in what I saw on Instagram in comparison to the items I saw on the website. I seem to be more of a fan of the fall collection. The models on the final walk for the Paris fashion week included models in a series of Spring 2019 graphic tees ( Which run for $60.00 on the website) and high waisted bell bottom denim jeans. That’s not it though, I absolutely loved that the entire set of models were BLACK! They looked amazing, Zendaya looked amazing, the line is amazing although pricey, but overall thumbs up Zendaya for the Collab with the infamous Tommy Hilfiger!

Cherisse Cannon

Cherisse Cannon