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I spent $1200.00 on!!! (Honest Review)

March 31, 2019238Shares

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Hi there! I am back again with another review. This time it’s on a clothing site called I have been seeing lots of ads from this site via Facebook and ultimately spent about 4 hours watching YouTube videos on whether or not this was a reputable site or not. First off I just want to say, IT IS! I’m getting fashion Nova meets Forever 21 for 10 dollars less from this site. I have a few pros and a few cons for this site. Overall I was pretty much very pleased and would certainly recommend ladies!


Let’s start with the Con’s first. I honestly don’t have too many. I will day that a lot of the clothing on the site I found are pretty much remakes of models wearing similar pieces. When you go on the site, be advised that the picture posted may not be identical to what you are ordering. I don’t believe it’s like that for all items but I found that for about a handful of items I purchased that that was the case although they do an extreme good job of replicating the piece. I am pretty petite and the tops fit perfect but should have ordered a size down on pants, a small is like a medium, but I make it work. I paid using PayPal, and spent a pretty significant amount on the site. They claimed on the site that it should only take about 1-3 business days for processing before the items shipped, I waited about 7 days for my processing to even begin. I was not notified that there was verification that needed to be done before they began to process my order because I ordered so much (Over $1000.00). I eventually contacted them and was made to send a picture of my ID so that they could verify that it was me making the purchase. After that, shipping was fast… but still. Lastly, and this may just be a really small turn off, but I bought a leather bomber and it reeked of fish. It literally had a pungent fishy smell on the leather only not in the lining of the coat, I tried spraying  it down but ultimately had to wash it with extra detergent and some type of scent booster to get rid of the smell, which worked! I know three cons seem like a lot but the pros are much better!  




The first pro is that this site is extremely affordable! I literally put together a whole outfit including shoes a bag and jewelry for $96.00 and that’s with shipping included. lf you know anything about me, you’d know I like to save anywhere I can and this site is all for savings on top of their clothes pretty much being dirt cheap. I signed up for a membership and get an email at least one a day with promo and discount codes, Standard shipping is pretty much ALWAYS free on the site and express shipping is about $13.00, which isn’t bad for 1-3 day shipping via DHL. I love the variety of items you find on the site, I can find anything from a formal evening out to yoga pants. The funny part is that they even sell little trinkets and home décor. I liked that I was able to easily just flow through the site on my mobile device and just “heart” everything I liked and it added it to my list of loves without automatically taking me to a new page every time I favorited something. The site allows you to leave reviews after each purchase if you choose to which was really helpful. I was able to look on the reviews of items I liked from other Shein shoppers. The pictures they left were able to give me an idea of the items fit and whether or not I liked it in real life compared to a professional pictures. I loved the shipping, it didn’t really take that long and the packaging was so cute. All items came in a cute little zip lock looking back that said shein on the front. I love them because they’re totally reusable! Their communication was actually very good as well. I used their chat system because I had a concern about my payment method and I’d accidentally placed an order on shoes for the wrong size. I was able to chat with 2 different representatives and they were able to do my parent verification along with notifying the picking team to change my sizes. They do accept PayPal which I appreciate especially with buying overseas or anywhere at that! I ordered about 97 items and spent about $1200. ( Don’t judge, I went on a closet purge and you ladies know how that goes.) I did get some pretty luxury looking items and for that total for that many items is a complete STEAL! The items are actually good quality and pass the washing machine and dryer test. The clothing is trendy, girly, and super cute!

My overall rating for is ( Drum Roll Please) 4.5

Cherisse Cannon

Cherisse Cannon