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Galentines Gift Guide

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February 17, 2019183Shares

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Who said Valentines day was over? While many celebrated the day of love yesterday, we  know many are still celebrating this weekend. For those of you who think Valentine's day is only for couples, it’s not. Whether you’re taken or single, many girls love celebrating each other especially on this day. Here’s our gift guide to what to gift your very own girl gang!

Chocolate and charms

Girls love chocolate and jewelry! This is one of the best occasions to gift your bff a necklace representing your friendship or a Pandora charm. A simple bff bracelet made from scratch can be something special and thoughtful you can do.

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

If there’s anything aside from chocolate and jewelry that girls love, is clothes. Being around your friends as much as you do, can help you determine their style. Pay attention to the pieces they wear and love and get them something that could add on their style!

Skin care

Everyone loves a good pamper night! From face masks to exfoliators and a good pair of tweezers. This is something that you can get that you know your bff will use. You can even plan a pamper night together and enjoys each other company as you guys detox from a stressful week.

Trip to the nail salon

    If you’re the kind who loves getting their nails done every week than this would be a great idea. Aside from getting your mani’s and pedi’s together, this is a great time to bond and reconnect while getting your nails glammed up.

Build a bear together!

A trip to Build a Bear workshop is something you and your friends can do. Even though this is something for younger kids, this is a cute way to spend time together with a little fun.


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