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The Snakeskin Fashion Trend

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January 18, 2019340Shares

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As a social media addict, over the past few weeks I’ve been introduced through  instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter the snake skin phenomenon. That’s right animal prints are back and I blame Rihanna for trend setting the look.

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty holiday collection in Australia last October, she rocked a light grey snakeskin strapless dress with matching snakeskin bucket hat, small cubed purse and stilettos. Since then this trend has skyrocketed. Back in the early 2008, animal prints were trending at the time with fashion and they have made a comeback. What I personally love about this trend is how versatile it is, if you don’t want to monochrome the outfit like how Rihanna did you can ,or  you can take one snakeskin piece and incorporate it to a look that would make it stand out. For example, all black clothes, snakeskin booties or a snake skin top with a neon clutch. The snakeskin boots are the most popular since it makes it easier for people to match with their winter coats since we are in the colder months. Many are rocking snakeskin coats, turtle necks tops and snakeskin skirts. There are so many ways you can look and be apart of this trend. It’s one of the popular looks this season.

You can find snake skin pieces at stores like, Urban Outfitters, Windsor, and Revolve and more. You can also find fashionistas rocking other animal prints such as cheetah and zebra prints.

Bianca Portillo-Maldonado