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is Fashion Predictable?

January 08, 2019255Shares

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Many argue that history repeats itself, but can they argue that fashion does the same? According to a recent study by Durham University, anthropologist Dr.Bentley said, “The changes are consistent and occur at a predictable rate but because they are random, no one can predict exactly which new fashions will replace the old ones.” He then shares us a further explanation on his statement.

“It’s like American Idol,” said Dr Alex Bentley, a Lecturer in the Anthropology Department at Durham University. “We can predict the steady production of new winners from programme to programme, but the randomness means we can’t forecast the particular winners themselves.”

Our fashion choices are independent, rational decisions, showing that we are generally copycats when it comes to popular culture. Over the past five years, fashion has been digitally influenced by what we see on social media. If certain celebrities like the Kardashians, Rihanna and influencers we love wear something specific it automatically makes it “trendy.”For instance, Kim Kardashian began wearing neon colors and then it became a big trend. Rihanna wore the tiny sunglasses and next thing we know, everyone had a pair. The fashion world  gets its information so quickly now that it kind of takes away the fun of finding out what the next trend will be, unless you’re not on the internet as much as most people. But if we really pay attention, the celebrities who rock these new trends get their inspiration from fashion before. Let’s look at Kim Kardashian whose style inspiration is Cher. If you’re a 90’s baby, I know you have a pair of baggy high waisted jeans in your closet because that made a comeback last year. Even now with the athleisure trend, Jane fonda was rocking biker shorts back in 1984. From my look on it, it depends whose fashion we idolize that can determine what the next trend will be.

Fashion magazines still serve to let us know the next trends are and help us keep up to date with what designers are putting out in the market. By paying attention to both designers and influencers, It’s safe to say that fashion is much more predictable now than it ever was before.


Bianca Portillo-Maldonado