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10 Gifts Every Fashion Lover Needs

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November 26, 2018314Shares

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Christmas is in exactly one month and if you’re shopping for a fashionista then you’re up for a challenge! Even though it can seem intimidating don’t be, because because we got you covered. Here are ten gifts every fashion lover needs.


    1. Shopping Spree and gift cards.

If you feel like you have absolutely no idea of what to give your loved one but all you know is that they are obsessed with fashion. It would be thoughtful to give them a cute shopping spree. Take them to their favorite store by surprise and tell them you want to buy them an outfit or two. This would be something thoughtful and your loved one would enjoy walking around the store filling up their cart. If for some reason a shopping spree is not an option for you a visa gift card always does the job. Your loved one can spend it on whatever they want and they’ll know that you thought of them by wanting to give them something they would like.

     2. Boots

We all know it’s boot season and this would be the perfect time to get your loved one a pair of stylish boots. They could war on christmas day until those warmer months start to kick in.

     3. Purse/bag

Every fashionista needs a bag, a cute bag too! It’s very important for fashionistas to have bags that go with their outfits and to fit their wallets as well.


To a fashion lover, jewelry can either make or break an outfit, depending on the look. But there's not such thing in not having enough jewelry. From necklacess, to bracelets and rings! There is always at least one factor of jewelry on a fashionista if you look close , plus it’s also inexpensive.


Another wearable item for this winter season is a nice chic coat. Coats are super in during the winter especially since it’s too cold to show your outfit so you’re outerwear has to be on point. Neutral colors are more convenient because they match with a bunch of colors.

       6. Polaroid camera

If one likes style, then one also likes documenting style. Now that we live in the digital age with social media, it’s in inevitable that a fashionista won’t take a picture with her bomb outfit! A cute polaroid camera will do such thing and print them out right in front of you.


Getting someone a watch, can be one the most sophisticated gifts a fashion lover can receive. Aside from telling time, it’s a valuable piece that every fashionista needs on their jewelry stand.

      8. Accessoires

Aside from jewelry and a watch, accessories to add on to an outfit is great xmas gifts. Because really fashion lovers adore purchasing cloths but you can always switch up an outfit when you have various accessories to pick out from. You can get them anything fro hats, belts, belt bag, belt chain and leg warmers.

       9. Winter glove/hat set

As mentioned before, winter fashion is all about the outerwear and with outerwear comes those hats, gloves and scarfs. Again, stick to the neutrals so that the fashionista can match with the various coats they have.

       10. Makeup

We all know the cherry on top of a great outfit is the glamorous makeup look. Whether its a simple red lipstick to a  full beat with lashes. You can always count on makeup as a good gift. If you’re not sure what brands to get your fashion lover, a sales associate from Sephora, Ulta or any department store can direct you.


Bianca Portillo-Maldonado

Bianca Portillo-Maldonado