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Cardi B x Fashion Nova Review

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November 18, 2018397Shares

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She likes stunting, she likes shining and she likes looking like a million bucks. That’s right, Cardi B has launched her new fashion collaboration with popular brand Fashion Nova. She launched her line with Fashion nova Thursday night in Los Angeles, C.A.

Known for working with the retailer in the past, this is Cardi B’s first fashion collaboration where her fans can purchase items that the rapper worked on herself. Her clothing line consist of pieces like suits, denim jackets,dresses, jeans, suits and more. The style of the collection is eccentric and carries items in different styles. From fall-like looks to edgy leather jackets, this is a line that can cater to a wide variety of people. Cardi was inspired by other artists like Missy Elliot, Lil Kim , Rihanna and Lady Gaga. In creating her fashion line she  mentioned that she thought about what her sister Hennessy would wear and what she herself would be happy wearing as well. Having these thoughts throughout her process in creating this line is what brought the collection to life.

In a recent interview with Elle she said,”First things first: women of color, we are the women that got the most voluptuous bodies. I feel like a lot a high-end clothing companies, they don't cater to women like me.” Body inclusivity is something very important to Cardi B. As she shared her personal experience with being a short thick woman, she explain that this reason is why she decided to collaborate with Fashion Nova first. The retail company is known for having sizes available to all body types and that’s hat the star appreciates most. She hopes to inspire other brands to do the same.

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