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Breaking Office Fashion Rules

November 15, 2018324Shares

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Every Monday the majority of America, wakes up, picks a quick outfit to throw on and carries on with their day. This becomes a cycle- that can easily feel boring. Being the younger generation that we are, it’s time to switch some things up in how we dress in the office.

We’ve all heard it before , professional colors are black grey and navy blue and while that is true, don't be afraid to play with color when it comes to your work attire. Adding a bright color like orange, hot pink or yellow can boost up your work fashion. This can also help you stand out when you turn in your work on deadlines or leading the morning meetings. Now that we’re getting into the holiday season, don’t be afraid to pull out your bold red dresses, green tops and gold pants!

Moving on, we know this past year was all about the oversized fit. We’ve seen the trend of blazers tackling the street style scene and you can also wear this to work. A structured blazer can easily make your outfit polished in one simple step, moving you from work straight to happy hour seamlessly. My advice, would be to stick to the professional colors (black,grey and navy) when it comes to the oversized fit. Achieving this look is also quite easy, you can find an oversized blazer at your local thrift store. You don’t want to overdo it. 2018 isn’t over which means this is the closet staple you won’t want to neglect.

My biggest advice and most favorite are accessories! If you know how to accessorize your outfit you can break every fashion rule in the book. You can make an monochromatic black outfit stand out with some staple earrings and a fun bold lip. If wearing bold colors isn’t your thing, add some white boots to your grey suit outfit. Bracelets and fun necklaces can make the difference. Investing in some accessoires would eliminate the amount of times of going work clothes shopping.

To say the least, we as people are constantly evolving and so should our fashion whether that’s at work or at home. Take the risk and wear something that you typically wouldn’t at work, the year is almost over anyway.


Bianca Portillo-Maldonado