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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants In Hot Weather

November 02, 20171663Shares

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In our modern world where guys have rompers and women who do not do ballet wear leotards, it feels almost comical to think in a galaxy not too far, far away, there were such strict dress codes put in place. If you have the flexibility, you might have done quite a bit of traveling. If you are like me, one of the infatuations of traveling is experiences the different fashions in different cities and cultures. As ominous as it might sound, for most of our human history men and women wore dresses, of some shape form or fashion. It was not until the emergence of horseback riding was the trouser fashioned.

While that might have been great news for guys, western women continued wearing skirts. And not just any skirts, skirts layered like a child of an overprotective mother in the winter. These skirts were multi layered, heavy, floor length and extremely hazardous.

Have you ever seen the way a bride walks in her wedding dress? She is not simply trying to be cute, she is trying not to die. Imagine having to wear a wedding dress type of skirt every day! After, conclude the dangers of such dresses, dress makers were instructed to make more rational dresses. But even with Amelia Bloomer debuting the loose fitting ankle-length trouser, even that was only wore underneath of a dress.

Pants for women would not become all season and for purpose until 1911. Shout out to French Designer Paul Poiret. He is the real MVP! He is the designer also responsible for introducing corset free styles. Much like most of women’s fashion, thanks to Vogue magazine in 1911 the harem pant for women became a staple.

The sisterhood of the traveling pants, from its humble beginnings in 1911, its bloom in the fashion industry in 1930, to the 1960’s where women begin wearing pants whenever they wanted to though since not fully accepted. To the first black female senate; Carol Moseley-Braun rocked the house in 1993, when she became the first woman senator to rock a pantsuit on Senate floor which caused the ban on lady trousers to be lifted. With pants for sisterhoods traveling so deep we thought it fitting to feature some hot pants for all seasons, from hot weather to Autumns welcome.