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Mega Fest 2017 Best Dress Men

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Raise your hands if you mainly follow celebrities on Instagram for their outfits and style? No, one, it’s just me, ok fine…  What can I say, I’m obsessed with good style and cannot help but notice a well put together outfit? Maybe there is an 800 number for people like me. But those of you who did raise your hands, boy, do I have a treat for you!

Megafest 2017 was full of mega anointed speakers, preachers and performers but I would be remiss to not talk about the fashion and style I witnessed. For this list I will go from least best to very best. Since the fellas rarely get any shine, I decided to make this list the best dress men of Mega Fest 2017. SO without further ado here’s the list for best dress men of Mega Fest 2017!! And the nominees are…..

Laz Alonso

Laz dropped a lot of gems on the panel, showed great humility and transparency that will take him far. He kept is super casual, but showed he knows a thing or two about what is trending. Go into any retailer and you will find floral print prominently displayed. Paired with some selvedge denim and low profile leather style sneaker slip on.

Brian White

This charismatic member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity has a lot more to his back story than most may know.  Son of Hall of fame Basketball player Jo Jo White of the Boston Celtics. Brian attended Dartmouth College and was drafted by the New England Patriots.

At Mega fest, Brain sported a brown suit not really picture worthy but redeemed himself with this preppy summer look. The white chinos and western knit was pulled off well enough by the Boston native.

Emmitt Smith

Haters will say I am bias because I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. * Insert eye roll emoji* Though you may be right, even a Eagles fan would have to admit number 22 looked like a champ in this heather grey, 2 button, wide lapel, window pane suit from Canali, with the pop of color purple pocket square.

John Singleton

Boys In The Hood director and legend John Singleton reminds me of that old guy on the block who has seen it all but still takes time out to sit on the step with some teenagers to school them a little… oh wait, that is who he is? Oh right, nailed it!!  This class act came to Mega Fest and was a wealth of knowledge. He also came dressed to impress. In this tint blue peak lapel suit from Indochino.

Devon Franklin

Author of the new book Hollywood Commandments, a book that will leave you well suited for your journey into Hollywood also came to Mega Fest well suited! I mean dude was James Bond sharp the entire time. There are suits, and then there are suits. This one wore by Devon Franklin is the latter. Pepsi Blue James bond-like suit from Express Men, and the all so trendy men’s dress shirt with the stripe down the middle form Kenneth Cole Reaction. Franklin, Devon Franklin.

And the best-dressed man of Mega Fest 2017 is…….

Bishop T.D. Jakes

The Bishop showed out all 4 days but saved his very best for the red carpet Legends Luncheon. 3-piece khaki color, stitched lapel, suit from Brioni; with the black vest and black and bronze tie also from Brioni just goes to show you his dress game is as strong as his preach game. Not to mention the wood brown color shoes with the single monk and black tint. Not only did the Bishop put together the best festival of the year, but also the best outfit.

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

Philadelphia native, yes, West Philadelphia, born and raised, to Overbrook High, to La Salle University. Dion, is homegrown and a product of the rich culture that is Philly. Leadership, management and training professional, Dion grew up aspiring to be a cartoonist. Creating original characters and writing stories for them. Art and literature has always been his passion. Dion would write stories and create good characters that would be positive people. Now the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub millennial life and style magazine, Dion is still doing just that. Highlighting character over celebrity, Dion, is still displaying positive people, and sill doing art, but through the art form of style. Dion is also a conference Speaker, visionary, personal stylist and movie enthusiast. Dion considers Blake Mycoskie as his greatest inspiration in business and is a devote Christian.