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First Date Do's And Do Not's

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September 11, 20173132Shares

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Nowadays everyone believes that they are experts and gurus on relationships and love. Well, we will not be the ones to break that trend. Whether you see yourself as a lady-killer, Rico Sauvé, a shy girl or Sasha fierce, I have witnessed some poor decisions concerning first dates and first date attire. Quite frankly, I myself have never been guilty of either. Sarcasm, of course I have been guilty so I am going to give you the top five places not to go on a first date and outfits you should not wear on a first date.

Bad first date choice

5. The Mall I know I know, how is this on the “Do Not” list. It was so cute in the movie Clueless when they went to the mall together, right? Wrong, this is dangerous for many reasons, as a guy you may find yourself in Victoria’s Secret imaging her in her panties. Some of you are still having a hard time seeing the problem with that. Let me give you one better, you may be considered cheap if you do not offer to buy her that bag in the window she makes very clear she would just die to have. Not just any window either, but the window to Neiman Marcus. Ladies, shopping is personal, if he offers to take you to the mall he is trying to buy your affection, not a good sign. Or he really is cheap and rather eat at the food court than a restaurant, Call the mall cops!!

4. The beach I am really killing your fantasy of the nice night walk on the black sand, am I not? Good, save it for later, not the first date. Romance without commitment is like plucking a beautifully scented flower, it smells delightful but in the morning it’s dead. Not to mention, all the ladies in bathing suits, and oiled up buff male lifeguards. Again some of you see no ill play in this… No swimming in the deep end lets move on!

3. A Family Barbeque Have you ever run into a former co- worker or boss while you are still unemployed? You are praying and hoping they say nothing more then hello, for the fear of explaining why you still do not have a new job. They look at you as if they are shocked that you manage to be amongst the living after no longer working at your previous job. Then they ask “ so where are you working now”… The only thing worse than that is having to explain to all your relatives that the person you invited is just a friend… The disappointment on grandmother’s grill could cook enough beef to last weeks. Burgers anyone?

2. Movie Theater Did not see this one coming did you? I do not know about you, but the cost of popcorn nowadays automatically makes me feel like you better be “the one” at these prices. More importantly if you are honest you really are not getting to know a person during that 3-hour movie. Even after the movie you feel compelled to talk about the movie not each other. Then it is the dreaded peripheral stare from the corner of your eye to see if they are bored, sleep or even worse, texting. Let us not forget ladies the awkward feeling of thinking is this man trying to kiss me, hold my hand or touch my thigh? There will be no sequel for this movie it ends badly almost every time… Ok on to the number one place not to go on a first date.

1. His place/dorm/apartment whatever!! Must I really give a reason why for this one? If the crib is the first place he takes you to, chances are the Altar is a place he has no intent on taking you. Now going to one of these places on a first date will not absolutely doom your relationship to failure, but it increases the chances of doing so. There is always the expectation to the rule, but those that make up that exception usually had a rougher ride toward the goal than those wise enough to learn from the mistakes of others. Date with a purpose.

Ladies: Outfits not to wear

3. Heels more then 3 inches high Sad truth most men like to at least seem like they are capable of protecting a lady, so height plays a factor into that. If you on the first date are nose to nose he probably will see to it that the night is short.

2. A lot of Make up Believe it or not, make up is a big deal to men just as it is for women. But for different reasons, a woman with a lot of make up on the first date just seems to be trying to hard and we men tend to dislike that. We like a woman with a take me as I am type of attitude (as long as if things progress she gets a little more dolled up because now we know it is for us, not everyone). I am not making this up!

1.Tights/ leggings Us men do not get enough credit for this but we actually like when a woman leaves something’s to the imagination. We only see tights in few ways, she is way to comfort to soon, she cannot dress and is tacky or she likes attention. A lady that comes to a date in ankle boot nice jeans, messenger bag, a cool tee and jacket shows she is versatile, modest and fashionable. Yes, we like a woman who can dress, even if we cannot. Now that’s tight!!!

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

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