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Church Clothes 101

September 09, 20161612Shares

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Come as you are is the invitation of many churches nowadays but very often I think that is lost in translation. In it’s most original form I believe it was the breaking down of tradition and dogma that resided in doilies and oversized skirts for women. “Church clothes” usually were thought of as your Sunday outfit to be worn for the chore of going to church. It was sort of like your work uniform, and the kids only went so they would not get in trouble. (Insert the Marshawn Lynch clip!)

All that was derived from ritual, because in our relationship with God our uniqueness is used in His diverse kingdom for His glory; even in the way we dress. God changes our heart when we yield to His pursuit of us, not changing our personality but shaping it to display the best of it. He is the best part of us and how we dress up the temple is alright as long as he is still seen through it.

For I think trying to fit the “King” amour instead of being true to who we are in Christ fully equipped with the personality he has given us has been more of a stumbling block than any skirt 1½ inches to high above the knee for Sister Jenkins.
I think the only rule to modesty in style is that the treasure a man seeks is covered enough to where he still has to dig to see it.

Sanctification does not retort style and there is a place for you all rather your preppy, tomboy, rocker, or classic, glamour, chic, bohemian or hobo. For it is a fact that when you feel as though you look good you feel good about you. With that so whatever the style rock it with 1 Peter 3:4 in mind that you find your beauty from your inner self the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is of great worth in God’s sight. Your spirit is the picture and your style is the frame, so see which style you most identify with in our church clothes looks for Spring.