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Baby Making Music for the Saints or Nah?

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December 23, 2018277Shares

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Many of us know Tamela Mann as a multi-talented gospel artist and actress with numerous awards and accolades to her credit.  Well she’s adding a little something new to the mix just for married Christians.  Tamela and her husband, David Mann are celebrating their 30 years of love, life, and marriage with their new album, Against the World, The Love Project.  It sounds great, right?  Well there’s more.  In an interview with the Christian Post, David Mann described the album as baby making music.  Now whether you’ve been saved all your life or a part of it we all know what making music is.  It’s sexy, it sets the mood, it invokes certain feels to put it mildly. 

But let’s see how the urban dictionary defines:  Baby Making Music:  Music that makes one want to fornicate, thus making babies i.e. Van Morrison and Marvin Gaye.  Here’s another definition, Musical tones played before and sometimes during conception that sets the “mood” for either the guy or girl.  I must tell you when I read David’s quote, I immediately said NO!!!!! I don’t want to hear baby making music from Tamela!  This is The Tamela that took us to the King and reminded us that God provides.  But then I stopped, took a breath, and listened to the first single entitled, Good Love and it was on point.  It reminded me of the Kindred Family Soul and music from other soulful artists back in the day.  Did I get a baby making vibe from Good Love? No, but I got a wedding vibe from it and that's cool with me.  

But why is this topic so taboo? The social media comments shed a little bit a light on why this project garnered various responses.  For example, some people felt that the couple should stick to gospel and stay out of people's bedrooms while others celebrated their offering of clean love-making over what Tamela calls "nasty love music".  Ultimately the Manns are giving Christian couples another choice.

But what do you think?  

  1. Clean Love-Making
  2. Nasty Love Music
  3. Depends
  4. None of Your Business


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