You Sorry Offset?!

December 15, 2018297Shares

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You Sorry Offset?!

By: Cherisse Cannon

Babyyyyyy, now y’all know I try to stay in the mind my business ministry like my girl Sarah Jakes Roberts but after my last little dip in the tea kettle, the tea got hotter! So I wrote last week that Cardi B and offset are calling it quits, but check this out you guys. Apparently Offset is begging for Cardi’s forgiveness on his Instagram. I had to check it out. I went ahead and viewed the video posted by Offset and honestly, he does seem remorseful, but does that mean he’s getting another chance? We don’t know, Cardi has yet to respond to the post he made. In the video he talks about how he knows that he has been really messed up, how he broke his promise to God, how he broke Cardi’s heart, and how he wants nothing more for his birthday than to have his family with Cardi back and spend Christmas with them. Was it believable? Yes. Was it commendable? Yes. Was it an A for effort? Chile, if you ask me, NO. The best apology is change behavior. While last week Cardi seemed to be very content in her post and decision to end things with her privately wed husband, Ofsett seemed nervous and almost ready to cry in his video. He mentions that he wants to be with baby Kulture so I’m wondering if they have seen each other since Cardi’s post. What ever the case may be I’m praying for the best for both parties. The alleged mistress did make a tearful post during last week apologizing for breaking up their family. She stated, “I didn’t know their marriage was that serious,” Now how you didn’t know marriage was that serious, chile I don’t know but she was obviously very sorry. On the other hand, Cardi already seemed fed up. Something happens when a woman stands on her own two feet and makes it plain what she does and doesn’t deserve from a man. They seem to straighten up after that lol. Is it a long last perm straighten or a quick flat iron straighten for offset? I don’t know but it’s clear he wants his girl back! You guys are going to have to keep up for me! Prayers to both sides and baby Kulture. A splitting of a family like I mentioned in the last article, is never easy.


Cherisse Cannon