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Cardi B and Offset Broke Up!

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December 06, 2018313Shares

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Cardi B and Offset Broke up! 

Why you won’t catch me faking for the Gram and why you shouldn’t either…

By: Cherisse Cannon

Chile, I’m not one for the tea and I am a faithful member of the mind your business church of God in Christ but It just so happened to roll through in the brisk of this December wind that Cardi B of offset broke up! Now, I’ve decided to take a small break from social media but I honestly couldn’t believe it. They seemed to be working out and looking just fine based off their social media posts and public appearances. Cardi often gave shout outs to offset on many public occasions and they were definitely not shy of any PDA. They share a child together and secretly married giving us the impression of a happy little family but according to Cardi’s most recent video post there has been trouble in paradise… for a LONG time. Not to mention, Cardi even caught a case for making sure her membership with the “Don’t mess with my man ministry” was very well known by having something to do with a bar fight with 2 sisters whom she suspected were messing around with Offset, ( Whew chile, the tea is HOT!) So was their fairy tale relationship all a front? In the video, Cardi says she’s been trying to work things out with her child’s father for a “ hot minute” and that they still have love for each other but  they have ultimately fallen out of love. Cardi seems very calm in the video rather than her normal rambunctious self; she didn’t make any type of direct eye contact to the camera and honestly seems very sad about this. She says it may take a little bit to get a divorce and that they were really good business partners. Personally, my heart went out to her, but also thought about all of the couples goals they had influence over. 

How many relationships do you that often post their sweet selfies together and seem almost flawless? Hundreds, celebrities included. What I’m trying to say is if there has been trouble in paradise for a long time then for a long time your Instagram posts like so many other people we know were not real representation of your life right?  Now sadly, something that wasn’t even the truth has swayed the minds of many couples all over country to be like something that wasn’t even truth. I hate to know that the progression of many relationships and couple’s goals were based off of Cardi and Offset and now that they broke up where do they go from there? Number one tip: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO SOCIAL MEDIA COUPLES. Be you! Love the way you love and do what works for your relationship. Everything isn’t meant to be posted and please don’t break your back trying to compete for the invisible social media cutest couple award. I remember faking for years to make my relationship look like something that it wasn’t and chile when I say it wasn’t, I mean it WASN’T. I can’t tell you how many times there was a sappy post about my spouse and then an hour later I was ready to pack my things and move out of the house. When we broke up for good, people were shocked! I had made it look so good on social media, we acted better than Will Smith in I am Legend, and when we were out at church nobody knew what we were going through. When it was over a lot of people that believed in us were very confused and disappointed. 

I don’t know about you, but I know that I ‘m never faking for the gram again. Now that doesn’t mean that I’m going to put horrible things out there about my spouse on social media, but I am in a mature enough place to know that a loving relationship is not a relationship that has to be flaunted just because I got a ring. A sure fire way to not fake for the gram while in a relationship is to guard your relationship and used discernment upon making posts about your relationship. Every single little detail is not meant to see your Facebook and Instagram feed. Protect what you value from the gossip, eyes, and bad wishes of the haters! I look at it this way, if it’s not on the gram you don’t have to fake for the gram. 

Well wishes to Cardi ,Offset, and baby Kulture. I am thinking of them in this time of separation which I know from experience that no matter how strong we may act, it’s not easy.  


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