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Have you or have you not heard? Heard what? About the Bird, everyone knows that the Bird is the word! Yes, Philadelphia is flying pretty high right now, with its Superbowl Champion Eagles!

The bird is the word! It’s a good time for Philadelphia, voting has been up, Deborah Canty has been voted judge and we join a short list to have championships in every major sport.

At Last, is what the papers read, bout time is what the fans said and right on time is what I said.

Carson Wentz, Coach Peterson, and Nick Foles are just a few members of the team that gave glory to whom it due, and that made the celebration all the sweeter. The Parade was made up of over 3 million proud Philadelphians. Young fans, more seasoned fans and even transiting fans were all pilled in the streets together for what would surely be just one more historic time in the books for the people of Philadelphia.  

This now fully decorated motley crew of a city has proven in the last few years, that together we can fly so high. We may be the home of the cheesesteak, water ice, and soft pretzels. But we now dawn some fresh hardware to go with it. If you ask us where to get the best cheesesteaks you might get Max’s or Larry’s. If we are asked where to get the best water ice, you might get Fred’s or Rita’s. We may not all agree on which is better, but we agree they are staples to our identity as a city. This is truly a great list of things that make up Philadelphia, but here are a few more.

A few of my favorite things about our city; first is our universities. Some of the best, and most diverse universities in the country. From those wise ol Temple Owls, to those Explorers up Olney. The Hawks down city line Ave to the Quakers and Dragons occupying space in University City.  Rich in lore and ambition, pushing the agenda for inclusion, representation and even faith. Speaking of which second, which in my bias may be the first; The churches. Some of the best culturally impactful, practical needs meeting, JESUS centered, sound churches in the country.  From the 50+ year legacy of Dr. Willie Richardson’s vision come to life on Lancaster Ave, to Pastor Waller’s castle on the hill up Cheltenham Ave. I be remised to not mention the most thriving church on mission in the city, right in the heart of North Philly, Epiphany Fellowship, lead with love and ferociousness by Dr. Eric Mason. From Think tanks, 10 city block wide festivals for the community to equipping a multiethnic congregation in social justice and engaging the culture. Lastly, The history. Philadelphia is the start of a lot of things. Philadelphia has deep roots and it can be spotted in almost every part you find yourself.  Take a walk down Lincoln drive, go eat in Old City.  Bread some of the most talented people in their respected fields from Danny Glover, to Kevin Hart, and Will Smith.

I guess what I love most is the one thing all 3 of these have in common, it’s development of leaders and character of people. Philadelphia has a unique multiethnic screen you do not find as pronounced in other cities. It shows when we protest or when we celebrate. We have our different views but one thing is for certain we will not give up on ourselves or one another. I guess it’s the Rocky in us. 

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

I was sorted into Ravenclaw house. That should tell you all you need to know. Content creator, conference speaker writer, Founder and Editor in Chief of InClub Magazine.