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Koryn Hawthorne: From The Voice To Her Voice

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February 13, 20182143Shares

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Many people may recognize Koryn Hawthorne as the songbird from the hit singing competition The Voice. She has sung alongside people like Adam Levin and partnered on music with the likes of Pharrell. But her voice was found long before that. We had the distinct pleasure to have an exclusive interview with the this rising star, who is ready to cement her name in the music industry. The girl can flat out saaannng! But there is so much behind the singing, the voice and the smile. Read on, introducing to some and reintroducing to others, Koryn Hawthorne…

When they first mentioned your name it didn’t click to me that you were on The Voice!

Wow! That’s so crazy! People say that a lot!!

So you have been singing since you were nine years old and you have always made it very clear that you had a voice and you were not afraid to use it and fast forward to now your singing on The Voice. Talk to us a little bit about what stands out to you and that timeline and your experience with being on The Voice.

Well, I feel like since I have been singing since 3 was three and performing since I was nine, in terms of performance I started out performing in my area with an organization called Louisiana kids which allowed my the opportunity to compete against other kids in the state. I did that for about 8 years then I tried out for The Voice, getting to The Voice was crazy because it wasn’t new to me.


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Dion Ringgold

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