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The Art of Joy: Vanessa Simmons

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February 12, 20182953Shares

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It is early November and I am on Instagram scrolling through some of my favorite Instagram accounts, and listening to Jackie Hill Perry song the Art of Joy. I kept thinking to myself for our first magazine how can we tie together the idea of “ditching the canvas” to where it is connectable and understandable to the everyday life of millennial’s. We are an ambitious generation, academically savvy and yet broken pieces. Somehow we do not fit quite right. We “act right” for the most part, but that is just an act. At the core we are skeptical and worrisome. What is the one restoring factor for us? Then it hit me, it hit me like the first time I realized oranges were pre-sliced by nature. Like Smalls when he found out the King of Crash and The Great Bambino was the same guy; that the restoring and reviving factor is Joy.

And so came about the Art of Joy and we thought who better to represent that than the beautiful, ambitious, talented and intelligent Vanessa Simmons; daughter to living legend and man of God Reverend Run Formerly Run of Run DMC. TV personality, host, actress and fashion lover Vanessa Simmons is a great snap shot of a millennial.


Philadelphia native, yes, West Philadelphia, born and raised, to Overbrook High, to La Salle University. Dion, is homegrown and a product of the rich culture that is Philly. Leadership, management and training professional, Dion grew up aspiring to be a cartoonist. Creating original characters and writing stories for them. Art and literature has always been his passion. Dion would write stories and create good characters that would be positive people. Now the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub millennial life and style magazine, Dion is still doing just that. Highlighting character over celebrity, Dion, is still displaying positive people, and sill doing art, but through the art form of style. Dion is also a conference Speaker, visionary, personal stylist and movie enthusiast. Dion considers Blake Mycoskie as his greatest inspiration in business and is a devote Christian.