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How to dress for Xmas parties on a budget!

December 01, 2018349Shares

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For many, it’s the best time of the year from holiday food, days off and of course the holiday festivities. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, so does our wallets. It can get exhausting shopping around for gifts for your loved ones and find outfits for us to wear for those holiday parties. But where there is a will, there always a way.

You don’t have to break your bank to stunt at this year’s holiday party. For starters you want to pay attention to every deal and sale that's going on because that’s the best time to get something cute and inexpensive. Even though black Friday and cyber Monday are over, there a lot of sales and deals going on! Below I’ve attached some websites or you to check out and get on those deals!

Speaking of style, we can all agree that his year was the year of the blazer. A red bold blazer dress with some black over-the knee boots could be something to consider. It covers up your back, chest and arms and you’d still be in style. You  don’t have to show skin to look cute. It’s not worth the cold of the shivers. Another outfit idea would be a cute sweater dress with boots, or monochrome color outfit. If you really want to get festive sparkly dresses are always in around this  time. So don’t be shy and stunt in your glittery party dress! If you’re not the type to wear dresses, another recommendation can be white jeans, a pair of winter booties with a cute black blouse. White jeans can make your outfit look festive as long as your style it the way you want to rock it! It’s all about how you put things together and feeling comfortable in your skin.