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Grace and Grit: Cornelius and Heather Lindsey

November 28, 2018436Shares

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Any novelist of love stories will tell you that, in order to write a truly great love story there are a few commonalities in them all. You hopeless romantics that are taking notes grab your smart phone and go to the note pad because these are sure to give butterflies. First, there is no half emptied cups of the heart. When characters fall, they fall harder than a basketball player trying to draw a foul. 
Love is not just something the character can desire; it has to be their very reason for breathing. They typically have to be very different, in upbringing or background. Economic status or other, before they go off into the sunset sort of speak. Then we have my favorite. A sense of being “met for one other”. The universe is in cohorts with fate to see to it, that these two end up together. It’s the inevitable happening, for love to find these.
Love stories are a tale as old as time, and come packaged in all sorts of ways! But these seem to be the elements that make our hearts have premature ventricular contractions. In other ways, they make our heart skip a beat.
We had the pleasure to explore the love story of none other than Cornelius & Heather Lindsey. After speaking with them both, and hearing of their incredibly charming, inspiring love story I have found two other vital elements to a truly remarkable love story. Grace, and grit!


Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

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