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Fearlessly Authentic With Alanna Doherty

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February 26, 2019186Shares

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Here at InClub Magazine, we have a motto. It’s that we do not interview, we have conversations with friends. This issue is about WE, we being the ones we have been waiting for. So let’s chat!

Give us the highlight reel of your life to this point. i.e. where you grew up, defining moments in your life, career, self-awareness, purpose etc.
I was born in New Jersey, USA but I grew up in Barbados, my mother’s home country! It was truly an incredible place to grow up since I was not only surrounded by a massive family but also by stunning beaches and friendly Bajan people. While in Barbados my parents encouraged me to begin modeling since they knew that I had an intense love for fashion from a young age (my favorite thing was dressing up in my mom and older cousin’s clothes). It began as a hobby but slowly caused me to become obsessive about my weight and I ended having severe body image issues. The following 5 years certainly reflect the most defining moments of my life because I had to come to terms with accepting me, for me. These moments tie closely into every aspect of my professional and personal life. My blog allowed me to gradually work through my issues by documenting outfits and hairstyles that I felt most comfortable and confident in. I was no longer subscribing to what mainstream media prescribed as beautiful or sexy and, instead, wore the most ridiculous or simple outfits whenever I felt like it, until I found my own personal style. My blog started as something extremely personal to me – and of course still is – but now I have a bigger sense of purpose to inspire other young girls and boys to live their authentic selves.


Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

Dion is the founder and Editor in Chief for InClub Magazine.