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Father day gifts for all of your daddy’s, birth dad, grand dad, baby dad you name it

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Every year during the second week of May we get to experience the most beautiful array of organized displays of love. From overbooked restaurants, last minute changes to reservations, to Instagram story selfies of photos we took on snapchat because well, Snapchat is only good for their filters. 

To mimosa’s, brunches and thoughtful gifts all decorate this illustrious time of year known as Mother’s Day. You can hear the smooth crooning sounds of Boys II Men Serenading our mothers- dressed, and prepped in their very best. It’s truly beautiful.  

And then a month later and we stumble upon yet another day, not usually as lavish. You can typically get right into places without a reservation. No universal song to highlight the day. And worst of all, rarely are good gifts given. If you thought we were talking about Juneteenth you’d be wrong, close but wrong. Father’s Day. As if modern medicine has failed to remind us that children come from the dad, for such a brave given of himself, a thoughtful gift I think is well in line of being deserved. I get it, what do you get a man who has it all right?

Or what do you get a guy who spends 80 hours a week in a work uniform. I get it.

 So here is my offering the definitive list of gifts for all your dads, daddy’s and zaddys. 

First up, to make good use of all of those ties you brought him over the years, surely it was your mothers idea but you get to make good on it this year. Gift dad with a tie bar.       

They come in different metals and colors so you can double down and get two, one for husbae and one for dear old dad.


If you’re not feeling the tie bar for bae, cool get that for dad and bless baby dad with a gift that is as much for you as it is for him. Cologne.

Tired of him smelling like outside because he’s always working this will be your salvation. 

Okay this one is the one you get to have some fun with. Have you ever heard the term “Dad hat”? Well we kept the CAPS on for this one… * cricket’s crickets*

You may have to suffer through dad jokes, you may even have to listen to a speech about how he did not want a gift. But deep down with the right gift he will be glad you did.  Celebrate fathers, the pressure and responsibility is something we cannot equate in gifts but in gratitude. 

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

Dion the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub Magazine, content creator, film enthusiast and proud father.