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What age should children wear makeup

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February 17, 2019279Shares

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Typically when children see or hear an adult do something, they immediately want to imitate and do the same. I’m sure moms can relate to this because many young girls get curious and begin to play with their mamas makeup. It’s inevitable and of course many mothers find it cute but it has me wondering, what is the appropriate age for children to wear makeup? Living in this digital age, we are surrounded by Youtube makeup bloggers and influencers. I’ve noticed young girls are more prone to get into makeup more than ever before, simply because they have access to learn how to do it.  

Growing up in a traditional Guatemalan house hold, I was not allowed to do anything related to beauty until I turned 15. I waited fifteen years to get my eyebrows waxed, get my nails done and even wear makeup. In my Latino culture, that was a norm. I use to feel left out when I saw my classmates play with their lip gloss collections and straighten their hair. It was hard and I hated it but now that I am older I am happy I didn't grow up as fast as I was trying to.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to ask a few mothers  on their opinion on this topic. Dina Maldonado, a mother of a 24 year old, who lives in Boston thinks allowing your daughter at the age of 14 to explore makeup, is an appropriate age now in 2019. Back in the day maybe 16-17 years of age was more appropriate. Jen Kaba who is a mother of two girls, (a 7 year-old and a one year old) said, “When my daughter has dance recitals I allow her to wear makeup but only natural tones. I do however think a mother should play dress up with their daughter at any age. This is how they learn.” Anais who is a mother of one said “This generation of parents have less control of what their child wants to do at an early age no matter what type of authority we demonstrate because technology is so easy to access anywhere and people such as Youtubers portray an image of what you should look like no matter the age.  She also said, “I feel like even if we’d want to follow our parents footsteps of being “strict” in what age is appropriate for what, they are more likely to do it behind our backs, communication is the key.”

At the end of the day a parent is going to do what's best for their child. There is no right or wrong way to parent and prepare your child in the real world and yes that does of course include things like makeup because it’s apart of growing up.

Bianca Portillo-Maldonado