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An Ode To The Joys Of Unemployment?! A Well Worth It Read...

February 08, 2019806Shares

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Disclaimer: Your job,40+ hour work week(with/without OT pay),career path,bi-weekly paycheck,monthly salary plus bonuses and 10-20% commission(IF you're REALLY great at what you do)does NOT define you. Nor can you calculate your true worth/value based on one's gross pay. BOOM!

Well,now that that bomb has been detonated allow me,if I may, get a tad bit personal with you. I mean,not too personal 'cause you don't me and I don't know you like that, but rock with me and let me rap to you real quick. Cool? Aight bet.

Look, can I be real with you? Lissennnnn"when yo' money is funny and yo' change is strange,aint nothing funny and something DEFLEE MUST change." Hey that rhymed! Barssszz...

Anywho,as a former recipient of unemployment checks, food stamps,eviction notices,past due balances, reposessions and 5 course M&m and popcorn meals(mmmm, YUM!)I've sung a tune or two of what I like to call #theunemploymentblues. Shoobedoodoopyeaaaaaa...

Now coming from someone that has been unemployed,terminated,wrongfully fired, and has even been BOLD enough to quit a job or two due to one's own emotional instabilities(pray for me Saints)... I know a thing or two or three about trying to find peace and purpose outside of what I "normally" do, or shall I say what I was paid to do? Might I add that on my 16th birthday, I had a job. My mama didn't play that( y'all know how black mamas are,if you were raised by one). I say all of that because I started off accustomed to working.Psychologically I thought that's what life was all about. Work,ya know. Now don't get me wrong, in this life you must work. There's just no way around it. Regardless of what you do, some type of effort MUST be put into whatever it is that you do. So by no means, am I telling you to be idle and do absolutely nothing with your life because The Good Book clearly states in 2 Thesallonians 3:10,"He who does not work,neither shall he eat." So you see Beloved,even God Himself is saying that if you wanna eat,you BETS NOT sit around and twiddle your thumbs, because if You do somebodyyyy is gonna be hungry and want a Snickers."And we all know, you're not you when you're hungry." HA! All jokes aside...

Now if you've lived long enough you know that as an adult, these bills do not discriminate. Okurrrr.

Sidenote: Don't be so lasered in on labor that you make work your Master and you it's slave. OH! That was a word for sombody, someone, somewhere out there! 

Trust me I get it, being unemployed is tough. Being broke is no fun. Not knowing how you'll pay your upcoming rent,bills and other expenses can be overwhelming. Figuring out how you're gonna rob Peter to pay Paul, Mary,Joseph and Sweet Baby Jesus, feed the kids AND the dog can be heartwrenching,to say the least.When the only thing that is consistent is your bills,everything else can seem like a burden,if you choose to see it that way! OH! But I know a burden lifter y'all ! I know a Man that will provide your every need long before you realize what it is that you need.Shout hallelujah! Okay. Okay. Wheww...Lemme stop because I got all night, so lemme rap this thing up because folks got short attention spans and really don't like to read "like that" anyways. Ijs...  With all that being said, if you OR anyone you know are in a "transition of temporary trials and tribulations" Peep these 10 DIY excersises I came up with to guide you through in your trying seasons.. 

Hope this helps!


1. Draw close(r) to God and ask Him to fill you with His Peace.(You're DEFLEE gonna need Him)

2. Believe that God will provide your every need.

3. Rebuke the spirit of lack,famine and poverty over and around your life.

4. Do some SERIOUS soul searching. With the help of God figure out who you are at your core outside of your job, fancy titles,etc. Understand that " what you do for a living" may not be in alignment to what God has called you to do for His Kingdom.

5. DO YOUR PART.Pursue different ways to make money and try them. (Remember dem bills Don't Discriminate..ijs)

6. Research your county/state local resources and assistance programs that help with financial assistance and more.


8. Don't stay cooped up in the house like a chicken. Get LOTS of fresh air. 

9. Study the Word,Pray and Praise God every chance you get. NOTE: Your mind/spiritual man will be tested and attacked.

10. Ask for strength,guidance and discernment. Ask God what He wants you to do in this season by following Him.Whether it be to look for another job, pursue and ignite an old dream,chase your true passions etc.

 Repeat often!



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