Matters Of The Heart

January 24, 20191026Shares

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At the heart of things,is everything.

IS YOUR HEART IN THE RIGHT PLACE? Why or why not? I can honestly say that for the longest my heart was symbolic to that of filthy and tattered rags. Like the milk rags Jesus was swaddled in. HA! Just rugged and in very poor condition. Looking back over my life I can remember the innumerable loads of unforgiveness, incomprehensible rage, bitterness, displeasure, hurt and tsunamis of other things that harbored within the ventricles and chambers of my very being. This goes back to my childhood folks(mind you I'm only 28 years of age). I perpetually nursed and rehearsed every thought, every painful memory, every hurt, every "bad thing" that had ever happened to me. Sound like anyone you know? From the rising of the sun and to the setting of it, all I thought about was ALL the "bad stuff" that had ever occurred in my life. I never thought about anything good. NEVERRRRR! I never had anything good to say about myself or anyone for that matter, therefore my life was in a perpetual funk! Due to my stinking thinking, I WAS ALWAYS ANGRY. Oh yeah, I was MRS. ALWAYS MAD ABOUT SOMETHING. Oh Yes honey child, I was married to my own self-inflicted afflictions. I literally hated everything and everyone,including myself! Sound familiar? I perpetually thought about how my father was never there for me. The bullying and incessant name calling growing up.The memories of past hurt from failed friendships and relationships and so on and so forth. Until one day, I said NO MORE! I got sick of tired of being sick and tired. I got tired of being mad at the world.I got tired of waking up and walking throughout life with a heavy heart. I got tired of Who AND How I was. I simply got tired of throwing pity parties where there was no one in attendance!

Beloved are you tired? Weary and fatigued?

Take a moment now and honestly ask yourself, " What "scenarios" am I consistently nursing and rehearsing?" "What am I refusing to let go of?" What am I constantly regurgitating like a dog returning to his own vomit? Now I know from experience that this might be easier said than done, BUT IT MUST BE DONE IF you desire to experience true internal freedom and sovereignty. I cannot tell you the countless times I woke up every morning with a hard, dark and heavy heart. Oh yes Beloved, there really was an icebox where my heart used to be! Sheeshh... Believe it or not I could actually feel the burdens of heaviness that resided within my 12 oz. organ. So what should have been the size of a fist overtime turned into a heap of mountain tops.

You see Beloved, in order to live your best life NOW, you must let go of the learned thought patterns, verbiage, and behaviors that hold you back and weigh you down TODAY.Could it be possible that you are the reason for your own misery? If so, there is hope in God. Whether you consider yourself religious,spiritual or none of the above realize and recognize that in order to bear fruit in your life, you must first get to the root. You see, sour grapes can't bear good fruit, they just produce more sour grapes. So, what is your root? Your root is that thing you must dig up and do away with. You know what "thing(s)" I'm referring to. You can't just trim the thorns and disregard the weeds, you must get to the root in order to uproot the pestilence and poisons in your life, if you desire to bloom like the beautiful rose that God created YOU to be! I don't know... perhaps you'll have to forgive someone that wasn't sorry. Or maybe write out all your hurts and troubles and burn them.Or perhaps you'll have to pray, fast and ask for true deliverance. Whatever your root may be, ask God for His divine guidance! Whatever it takes, GET RID OF IT! Whatever your "it" may be.

For at the end of everyday, heart matters are the heart of every single matter.


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