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Bruh; 5 signs that YOU don't respect women....

November 21, 2018745Shares

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First and foremost, I am a man and as a man, I want to be the one to say and address the elephant in the room; women are the most disrespected beings in the world as gender is concerned. Now we can go into details about my feelings on what I just said but that’s a conversation for another day or another topic. But with that said it amazes me how men can call themselves men and they have no clue that they themselves are disrespectful to women. In fairness to men, maybe they just do not know the line between respect and disrespect. This is not a battle of the sexes nor is it really a debate, but this is a learning moment so allow me to teach. I’m going to learn you something today. Here are five, yep, just 5 signs that bruhhhhh, you don’t respect women. Now we all know that there are obviously more than just five but for this list I chose to use five that can’t be or shouldn’t be divided across cultural lines and biases against women. These five to me are cut and dry signs of disrespect no matter what the situation is. Period.

Number 1 Is the obvious. If you practice or have no empathy for domestic violence and sexual abuse, you clearly have no respect for women or human lyfe for that that matter. And let me repeat so this doesn’t go over your head. I know you get the practice part so allow me to reiterate the empathy part. If you can turn your back, shun, turn your nose to or any other epithet toward the issue of domestic violence and sexual abuses, you have no respect for women or any part of human lyfe. I don’t care if you have never done it in your lyfe, if you can sit cozy and watch it get done then, Bruh you don’t respect women.
Now that we addressed that lets move on.

Number 2 is the practice of chivalry. Fellas look! If you ascribe to this notion that chivalry is dead, then you lack basic common decency for a woman. Chivalry shows that you have the respect and manners a man should have towards a woman, period. If it pains you too much to open a door, give up a seat to a woman or pump gas for a woman then you have no respect for a woman. Chivalry shows that you have reverence and respect for who she is as a person and value her place in this world. If you can’t understand this then BRUH you don’t respect women.

Number 3 if you have chauvinistic views or view a woman as an object or a possession here for your pleasure and/or some form of benefit other than being a unifying force, then you sir probably will be put in number one soon and really need to check your morals and your value as a man. This shows that you can’t respect her as the person she is or wants to be. You have no clear view of her because of your own biases and ultimately can’t give her the respect she deserves. Bruh, I know what you about to say, so don’t say it. Just listen. Change your mindset because BRUH you don’t respect women.

Number 4 if you enjoy calling women out of their names. Look I’m a black man that grew up in the hard-core era of hip hop. So, let me say all of it was disrespectful toward women. So, if you are still in the phase of lyfe where you can’t understand that using derogatory names toward women is not ok, then you still have the comprehension level of a 3yr old child and you sir need to grow up. The culture and climate we live in today, as horrible as it may be, shouldn’t excuse you from being the ultimate man. The ultimate man wouldn’t entertain nor welcome that rhetoric when it comes to women. I don’t care if they call themselves something derogatory, set the example. Raise the bar. If you can’t then sorry bruh, stay in a child’s place because clearly you don’t respect women.

And finally the number 5 sign that you don’t respect women is if you feel that it’s okay to lie, use and manipulate women for your selfish reasons. This can go both ways, but it especially effects the psyche of women and again this is a learning moment not a battle of the sexes. This idealism is not confined to sexual relationships. This is in all relationships when it comes to women. I address it towards us men because in today’s culture/climate and especially in the black community there is a divide and friction between black men and women and it’s mostly because of the willingness for our men to sit back and allow our women to deal with their manipulation by not only us but the rest of the world. See where I’m going with this. Topic for another day. So BRUH, let me make this clear, be honest with yourself. You know what you are doing, and you know damn well you don’t respect women.

Lyfe M.y. Riley

Lyfe M.y. Riley

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