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Hi Mrs. Trump Here are some reasons we care and you should too

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This Presidential term feels like a joke that started off funny but  went on way too long.

There is click bait and headlines that used to push personal agendas and raise ratings, yes!

But then there are the times when you have to see the vile, insensitive, blatant disregard for others that has become the hallmark of the President and his minions. 

Some may say it’s just a jacket. Some may say people are reaching to make this a bigger story.

Maybe it is both, but can we agree this is not one of the best fashion decisions by the FLOTUS marking just another example of how incorrigible the Trumps really are.

Melania is clearly not the only person who does not care, those who saw the jacket when they arrived to their detail, those who she was spending time with and those who tell her what to say. None of them care about the fact that the perception that they really do not care was about to become amplified.

Do we care you ask, yes, actually we do and you should too!

Melania wearing that jacket on a trip to migrant children is the equivalence of O.J. writing a book titled had I done it this is how I would have did it. 

I am not bashing the policy but think we could all learn something from this fashion no by the Flotus and explore why the government separating of families at the border is worth caring about. 

Though it has been reported this is not an official Trump policy stating every family entering the US without papers has to be separated, the policies in place are providing no fixes for this problem! Why should you care, because the system for dealing with unaccompanied immigrant children is outright broken! The unaccompanied immigrant children are sent to ORR within 72 hours and kept on short-term foster care. The US tries to find the nearest relative to take them in. What happens if there is no relative to take them in? What happens if the relative will not step up out of fear of being separated from their own family?

I’ll tell you what happens, an overloaded agency, kids left without protection and proper care leading to hundreds of documented claims of verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

Is that not a reason to care? ORR vetting process is not as thorough as it should be in ultimately determining the sponsors to give the children over to. 

Why you should care, because the Trump administration has separated over 2,000 families at the US/Mexico border. And their mixed bag of signals are very grey on the specific terms of how families can be reunited.

High risk of abuse, low chance of a reunion with family in addition to the trauma of watching your parents be arrested, and our First lady could care less. So yes, we care, why do you not? If you are one who resonates with the jacket, ask yourself why do you not care.

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

Dion is a content creator for varies media outlets, founder and Editor in Cheif of InClub Magazine. Conference speaker, and personal stylist Dion attended La Salle University for college and is a born and raised in Philadelphia Instagram @d.ringgold