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Overcoming A Broken Heart

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Major key alert! We’re about to take that icebox where your heart used to be and give your heart back its seat.  Love. It’s a beautiful evil. When love is good it’s good, but don’t let, it break our hearts!!!

One commonality amongst most of us is having our hearts broken at least once. Whether it was broken by a significant other, family members, friends or plans that fell through the experience of hurt can leave us scared to trust love again.

Regardless of what left us wondering where we went wrong, there will always be two options; grow or get stuck.

Let’s choose to grow.

Getting over a heartbreak doesn't happen overnight. Give yourself an opportunity to grieve. Grieve the ending of what you loved and the possibilities of what you thought could be. This time is not about trying to repair what was lost, but appreciating what was and acknowledging the cliché fact of nothing lasts forever, which includes this temporary feeling of despair.

After you’ve spent time collecting your thoughts, share those with someone you trust. A close friend, a coworker, or a faith leader, someone who you know is in your corner and supports your happiness. A lot of times we expect to be able to get through a heartbreak on our own will power, but having a shoulder to cry on, and arms to hug you tight are the little things that give us the encouragement we need to continue pushing forward. This also gives others the chance to tell their story sharing how they overcame and how you can too.

Music is a double-edged sword. When we’re recovering from a broken heart it’s easy to hit ourselves with the Ne-Yo So Sick’s but as tempting as that may be, go ahead and break out the songs that you play in the summer with the windows down, the moon roof open, and the bass all the way up. The songs you belt out off-key with no shame because you know every word and it’s your favorite artist on the radio. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Get together with your friends, watch comedies on Netflix, order your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant, get some new shoes. Pamper yourself, treat yourself with the love you know you deserve. Fall in love with loving yourself first and everything else will fall into place.

After a heartbreak, it’s easy to want to figure out what we did to cause things to go south, but the truth of the matter is, most situations in our lives are only there for a season to teach us life lessons. You are worth the best God has to offer, respect yourself as such. Remember you’re young and the opportunities of finding love, happiness, and anything else your heart desires are endless. The end is never the end, only a new beginning. Take all of your new found free time and hit the road running toward your next adventure, and have fun doing it.

Marcella Alexzandra