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With the closing of January, a new month begins with its own holidays, observations, and most importantly birthdays!  


However, birthdays can be tricky so we can't assume.  Birthdays can be very personal for some and for others well not so much.  Some people throw large elaborate celebrations spanning weeks or the entire month while others choose to let the day pass with no special acknowledgement.  There’s no right or wrong with those choices because it’s all entirely up to you.  However, I think it’s safe to say that many of us absolutely love birthdays.  It’s a day of remembrance that our society honors annually with cake, balloons, gifts, but most importantly cards.  Yes, cards that you mail.  Did you know that seven billion greeting cards are purchased each year?  And can you guess the greeting card that leads the pack? Birthday cards lead as the top-selling greeting card accounting for over half the total sold.  With all the tech options we have at our disposal it seems that good old fashion birthday cards still rule.  

Unfortunately I don’t have a birthday card for you today but if you were born in the month of February, Happy Birthday to ya!  Stay warm remember your special day in a way that resonates with you! And Happy Birthday to a few of our movers and shakers who were born this month. 

Shakira (2nd), Bobby Brown (5th), Chris Rock (7th), Ashton Kutcher (7th), Seth Green (8th), Emma Roberts (10th), Kelly Rowland (11th), Jennifer Aniston (11th), Brandy (11th), Paris Hilton (17th), Dr. Dre (18th), Rihanna (20th), Sidney Poitier (20th), Emily Blunt (23rd), Rashida Jones (25th)


While we celebrate birthdays, this month let’s take a moment to also look back and reflect on a few events that were socially significant in shaping our society.


·        On February 1, 1974, Good Times premiered on CBS.

·        On February 4, 2004, Facebook launched as

·        On February 11, 1990, Nelson Mandela, leader of the movement to end South African apartheid, was release from prison after 27 years.

·        On February 14, 2005, You Tube was launched.

·        On February 28, 1940, Basketball was televised for the first time.  

Sherrell Moore-Tucker

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