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Aren’t YOU glad that you don’t look like what you’ve been through? Lawdddd Jesus I know I am! Just think about it for a quick sec. After all the trials, tribulations, and tests thanks be unto God that YOU don’t look like what you’ve been through. Shout hallelujah! Now if it’s one thing that I can attest to(and I'm MOST certain you can too)is the fact that, I AM A SURVIVOR! I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! I AM AN OVERCOMER! You and I can declare ALL of this NOT because of our righteousness (or shall I say UN-righteousness) BUT because of HIS RIGHTOUSNESS alone! GLORY!


When I peer back the pages of my past I realize and recognize how GOD SNATCHED ME out of the enemy’s ASHY hands! Looking back over your life I want to ask you if God has ever snatched you out of something that was meant to devour you? Oh yes my brothers and sisters, when Satan said YES! I got her/him right where I want them, GOD STEPPED DOWN from eternity into time to reverse the curse of your circumstances! When Satan said YES, God said NOT SO! When I ponder on all the things that could’ve gone wrong, should’ve gone wrong, BUT DIDN’T go wrong ESPECIALLY when I wasn’t acting a plum dignity dog fool all I can do is give Him thanks for His Infinite Grace, Mercy and Unconditional love which just so happens to endureth forever! When I think about His Goodness and all He’s done for me both seen and unseen I dwell on one of my all-time favorite Bible verses, Psalm 40:2. It reads:


“He pulled me out of a dangerous pit, out of the deadly quicksand. He set me safely on a rock and made me secure”. - Good News Translation

My, my, my, sweet baby Jesus of Bethlehem what a Word from The Lord! Not only a Word, but an Eternal Promise from an Everlasting God given freely to all of His Children! Including YOU AND ME!

REPEAT AFTER ME: I, (YOUR NAME HERE) AM A SURVIVOR.  I SURVIVED everything that tried to kill me.  I SURVIVED everything that was sent out to destroy me. I SURVIVED even though I had to crawl, kick and even cry sometimes yet, I AM still standing. I am still strong simply because I SURVIVED. SHOUT HALLEULJAH!

Seriously folks, I can go on and on for forever and a day about the battles I’ve SURVIVED and WON against BOTH the in-n-er me and the en-e-my!

Sidenote: (Oh yea it's not always the devil,sometimes it's ...YOU) BUT carry on...

SO,What about you? What are some things that you thought you could not or would not make it through and yet you did? What are some situations that attempted to drown you, but God helped you to stay afloat even when your head could barely stay above the meniscus?  Or what about all the times that sickness, dis-ease, depression, fear, guilt and shame plagued your mind heart and spirit from sunrise to sunset day in and day out? But look at you Beloved; you’re still here not only as a survivor, but a thriver!    


Now that you and I have survived the miry clay, let’s talk about how YOU and I are MORE THAN CONQUERORS, shall we? Looking back over your life, how many times have you came out on top? How many times has God placed and positioned you from the back of the line and put you in the front of the line? How many times have people criticized you, ostracized you, stabbed you in the back while you watched, YET GOD allowed you to triumph over every adversary and avenger? You see, when Satan desires to sift you as wheat as his attempt to prey on you The God of all gods stepped right in and prayed for you!

Oh yes, my sweet brothers and dear sisters when the enemy comes in like a flood, attacking from all areas and arenas The Lord WILL rise up and allow you to walk on water. SHOUT HALLEUJAH!


Stop what you’re doing and make this BOLD declaration ALOUD: I, (YOUR NAME HERE) AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! Every Goliath that was set out before me was slayed, with the guidance and assistance of God. After all the trials, setbacks and tests I CONQUERED THEM ALL and I will continue to do so! Amen.


Now that you’ve realized that you are a survivor and MORE than a conqueror let us talk about how much of an overcomer you are. You overcame that heartbreak that made you never want to love again. You overcame that addiction that should’ve consumed you, but didn’t. You overcame lack and poverty and made a name for yourself. You overcame the spirit of depression and low self esteem that made you feel like you were less than when in reality YOU WERE MORE THAN ENOUGH! I can go on and on, but you catch my drift, right? I sure hope so!

Beloved, the next time you feel like quitting or giving up remind yourself and Stanky Breath Satan himself of WHO YOU ARE AND WHOSE YOU ARE!


DAPorscha Rufus

DAPorscha Rufus

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