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5 Cheap every day items you didn’t know you could use for cubicle décor.

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December 06, 2018539Shares

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5 Cheap items you didn’t know you could use for cube décor. 

The items you didn’t know you needed to spice up your office life…

By: Cherisse Cannon 

If you’re like me, work seems to be more like home than any other location. I mean literally, we spend 40 or more hours at our jobs and on top of running errands and outside activities home is actually the place we spend the least amount of time at and spend the most money each month to have. I know you probably worked really hard to make your house look fancy just like to you pulled it off of HGTV but the real scoop is that you should be investing those looks in your work space. If you have to spend most of your life there, I mean why not make it comfortable right? Now if you’re anything like me again you’re probably reading this article from your cubicle, (oh, you’re not? Well don’t judge my 9-5 this is where I pump out all of these articles for you guys! Lol) then I know you need a little spruce up! Don’t worry! I got you! I’m about to tell you the 5 everyday items you didn’t know you needed to spice up your cubicle for cheap!

1.      Cabinet Liners – I know you’re used to making the inside of your cabinets nice and neat and you like to avoid making your dishes touch the actual wood of your kitchen cabinet but check this out.  A few rolls of these bad boys and you have literally a whole new desk! Amazon, Walmart, and Target have so many designs to choose from, just unroll cut and tape the edges on the underside of your desk and BOOM! Fresh paint job. 

2.      Wooden Crates – Get a set of these from your local Walmart or Home Depot paint them your favorite color and set them under your monitors to create levels at your desk! 

3.      Open your cabinet to create a library- I know this isn’t an item but opening that little overhead cabinet (if you have one) can create the illusion of more space and color. Add colorful book ends and thick books like almanacs or encyclopedias (you know the old looking ones) to create a more cultured look! 

4.      A small Lamp- Even though you may not use it that often, adding a lamp to your desk allows you to get pretty creative with the  lampshade allowing you to let your personality out along with a pop of swag if you’re lucky enough to find a really cool one! 

5.      Mason Jars – A very cheap but very nice item to use to spice up your desk! Decorate the jars to your liking and hot glue wooden coasters to the bottom to avoid tipping. Use these to coordinate with the rest of your desks design and use them to hold pens, pencils, and scissors instead of those boring office jars! 

I hope that was helpful! I’m sure you could spice it up way more but I can’t do ALL of the work for you right? Have fun and happy working! : ) 

Cherisse Cannon