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'In Jesus Name' has a few Hell-Cats Nervoussssss!!!

April 01, 2019185Shares

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Satan and his STANK imps are at it again y'all! But y'all knew that already,right? Of course you did! It is a proven fact that the devil roams to and fro like the toothless bulldog that he is seeking whom he can devour but this time our adversary/defeated foe and his lil' funky friends have made their way to a small town in Mount Sterling, Ohio. With a population of about 1,700 people this small town has come under scrutiny for opening up their council meetings with prayer. 

According to at one recent council meeting in Mount Sterling, Ohio, Dortha Ross, associate pastor of Mount Sterling Church of the Nazarene, prayed: “We are thankful that, God, you are our creator, and that you sent your Son, Jesus, as our Redeemer.” Yes, Saints these were our sister's exact words. Babyyy the devil's feathers were ruffled,were they not? Ugh the nerve of her! 

But wait, there's more...

Another atrocity occurred, The Columbus Dispatch reported that Councilman David Timmons ended another prayer by saying, “In Jesus’ wonderful name, Amen.” Holy Shiiiii-taki mushrooms!!! Can y'all believe them. Talk about the blasphemous degree of abominations uttered out into the universe!!

But wait, IT GETS BETTER! 

One of God's Children wasn't too amused or enthused to hear The Good News! 

Chris Line, an attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation(clearly the name speaks for itself),said the group may not file a lawsuit but that the prayers are troubling. 

“If you’re giving a Christian prayer, and only a Christian prayer, that’s where you really get into problems,” Line told The Dispatch. However, Mayor Billy Martin refuses to let his foot off the devil's neck as he profoundly and prophetically stated that he is "determined to have prayer at the opening of each meeting.”

Whewww chile stick a fork in me because I Am Well Done! 

Now I know that you might have chuckled a few times due to my charismatic verbiage but in all seriousness let us keep our dear Brother Line and others that "believe" like him lifted in ceaseless prayer.

This is DaPorscha Rufus and this has been your corrupt yet current event of the week.

Back to you InClub!

DaPorscha Rufus

DaPorscha Rufus

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