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How To Handle God's No, NAH & Never's!

April 01, 2019239Shares

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HAVE YOU ever prayed, fasted, threw money on the altar while slapping your neighbor 7 times, ran all through the church cart-wheeling off the pews, begged and pleaded for God to turn a certain situation around and upside down yet He did the EXACT opposite? Ugh! YEAH... Me too fam! Well,minus the cart-wheeling part. HA! What do YOU do when God doesn't do what you want Him to do? Honestly.Truly.How do you feel? Do YOU still like God when He doesn't do what you told Him to do in the manner that you told Him to do it? 'Like' God? Oh yes Beloved, you can love God and not like Him at times.Am I right about it or nah?

Sidenote:No disrespect Jesus therefore please do not send your wrath down to smite me! You know I got MAD love for ya! 

Ok now that me and my main man Hosana have an understanding let us continue...

Beloved,when was the last time you tried to reason with God about a particular situation? Now let's not raise all of our hands at once children.Oh C'mon you remember all the promises and vows you made to God when you tried to trick Him into giving you, what I like to call "a heavenly hookup." It sounds a lil something like this, "God if you just do this ONE thing, I promise I'll stop ...well,you know the rest. Knowing good and darn well you was lying through the skin of your two front teeth.Wait,or is that just me? 

You know it's easy liking,loving,praying to God when He gives you what you need AND want, BUT when he hits your spirit and prayer with a NAH Son or NAH daughter it can bring an agony like none other! Especially when you prayed for that good job. Especially when you wanted that relationship to work out. Especially when you prayed about it all through the midnight hours. Especially when you put your last $5 in the collection plate. Especially when you paced the floor day and night. Especially when you called on your team of prayer warriors and intercessors to impart heaven on your behalf.Especially when you had, for the first time MORE than a mustard seed of faith.ESPECIALLY when you just knew the Pastor was talking about your situation as you stood up and shouted, " I RECEIVE IT!" Yet,all you received was a flat out Nope from heaven. 

So what do you do when God says NO?! Honestly.Truly. You trust Him regardless of what your emotions say. Regardless of the temper tantrum you'll throw when you don't get your way. You must still learn to trust THE WAY! I believe this is why Proverbs 3:5-6 says to " Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean NOT on your own understanding, in ALL your ways submit to Him and he shall direct your paths." So in other words, GET OUT YOUR FEELINGS BOO BOO! Whatever you do don't lean on and rely on your fleshly feelings, TRUST GOD ANYWAYS! Again I say unto you, Do not succumb to your feelings because if you stay in your emotions too long, you can be led to a dangerous place! Oh my! That was A WORD for somebody with a heartbeat!

I admit I've had my fair share of "Hell Never Dosages" from God. I THOUGHT I knew what I needed,when I needed it and who I needed it from but God knew otherwise. You see God sees and knows ALL. Therefore He knows what is best for us. Due to our limited intellect we may think we know what's best for our lives, but God in all His Infinite Wisdom and Glory knows the exact path our feet ought to take.So count all your No, NAH and Never's as joy!

So Beloved,Realize that that NO protected you. Recognize that that NAH kept you from an enemy lurking in the shadows that wanted to sift you as wheat. Lastly, appreciate that NEVER you received was a divine setup,predestined by God for your good and His Glory! 


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