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TRUSTING GOD..When YOU Can't Trace Him!...A 2 Minute Read

December 23, 2018786Shares

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It's SO hard to trust God when you're confused and blinded by the travesties in your own life! I mean C'mon Lord if it's not one thing, it's most definitely this, that, the other, and then some. HELLO Somebody! Now before you dive into these article, I have a few questions for you Beloved, "Have YOU totally lost your way? Have you been conflicted in certain areas of your everyday life? Have YOU been beyond frustrated? Are You oftentimes torn between what your flesh craves and what your spirit yearns for? Do YOU feel trapped in the same barbarous cycle,unable to decipher up from down or night from day? OMG Not to mention fear, doubt, and let us not forget...the little voices that attempt to consume you. AHHHHHHH!!!! What little voices, you say? You know, the voices that perpetually and consistently tell you what you can't do or who you'll never be in a million years. They say, "It'll never work. You're so stupid, what were you thinking? You're a failure just like your daddy. You can't afford that,put it back. Even God can't save you! How could God use someone like you? You remember all the dirty stuff you done did, don't you? Your life is in complete shambles.You're nothing.You're a nobody,no one will ever love you. You're a loser!  Or my favorite one, Just. Kill. Yourself."

Sound familiar?

If that person is you, about how many times on average have you coddled these hell bound uncertainties in your mind and everyday life? About how long have you rehearsed, nursed and even nurtured these ideas,emotions and demonic spirits? More than once? More than a few times? I thought so. Same here.

 Listen, my brother, my sister, God never intended for you and I to live a life of dismay,distress, and fickleness. (Even though (your) life may be screaminggggg the exact opposite) No sir, no ma'am? Realize and recognize that God does not get the glory in seeing you down in the dumps. Sure, you will find yourself in the valley, at times AND life will attempt to enslave you, but you must break free from the prisons in and around your mind and life that attempt to hold you hostage. Know that it is not God's Will for His Beloved to be stressed out, anxious,walking through life on eggshells and hot coals.With that being said DECREE AND DECLARE THIS TRUTH:

It is NOT God's Will for me to be miserable. Life may be tough and uncertain at times, but God is forever faithful. From this moment forward, I believe that God created me in His Image and in His Likeness therefore I WILL do great things for The Kingdom. I believe God therefore I receive ALL tht He has in store for me! In Jesus name, Amen.

Now afrer you decree this know that life is not going to be picture perfect all of a sudden.Life is FULL of variables, some good and others not so much. But what a joy it is to know that even when life is out of control, God REMAINS in control! Never out of sync, but always in agreement and alignment! You may not know what's coming your way or even whose going to try to get in your way, or what the enemy will send your way, but gird up your loins and let no-thing get in your way. WHY? Because even when you have lost your way, God always makes a way even where there seems to be no way out. How? It's simple!

 Jesus is The Way. The Truth. And The Life.

Just follow Him. 


DaPorscha Rufus

DaPorscha Rufus is the author of the powerful and spirit-filled devotional, " YOUR BOOK From:God" Co-Author of her upcoming book about mental illness," It's Not That Easy".Theatrical Actress. Poet. On-Air Personality. Motivational Speaker. Daughter. Christiana's Big Sis. Full-time Dog mom to her 4 year old fur baby Dove. And of course, a follower and messenger of Christ.