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Spirituality 101: Are YOU Spiritual, Religious...OR Both?

December 11, 2018713Shares

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Do you consider yourself a “spiritual person?” Why or why not? WHAT exactly does it mean to be spiritually awakened, inclined and enlightened anyways? I often wonder, Is a spiritual person one who goes to church EVERY Sunday and Bible Study every Wednesday? Or is that just some silly religion stuff? Can spirituality be found in the hands of a tarot card reader? Does this whole sacred or ecclesiastical “thing-a--majiggy” equate to the alignment of stars awhile one prays to the universe for good luck, fame and fortune? Can spirituality actually be found within the ventricles of your favorite furry “spirit animal?’’ OR perhaps this degree of sacredness simply boils down to being in agreement with The One whose spirit desires and more times than not craves to be one with you and yours? Hmmm… Now that’s a gooder than good question that deserves a thought-provoking, soul-stirring answer! Wouldn’t you agree? Of course you do! Now, I must warn you honey child because the extent of wisdom,knowledge,and understanding that I’m about to unveil and unleash upon your heart,mind,and spirit is solely based on my perception and personal experiences, therefore how you perceive,receive AND digest this information lies at the feet of your discretion.


Shall we begin?


A wise man once told me that in this life, there are two things that don’t and could never lie : GOD AND NUMBERS.Think about it! In one dimension, you have God,an Infinite and Supreme Being who knows no sense of falsehood and on the other hand there are quantifiable integers,both of whom are always the same and can never ever change. Make sense? If not stay with me because I’m taking you somewhere...Let’s GO!


It is a proven fact that we are the sum total of 3 divinely different entities: Mind,Body and Spirit,which are all derived from physical,mental and spiritual dimensions. Although different in assignment these 3 realms are absolute reflections of the excellence of Our Almighty God! When these 3 organisms intertwine, the divine is expected to happen.Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll prove it to ya’!   


You see, you and I made our arrivals on Earth as spirits first and foremost. Beloved, YOU ARE A SPIRIT FIRST AND FOREMOST. The Bible even confirms this truth when God, The Truth, says to us in Jeremiah 1:5 “ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…. So in layman terms before your mother and father knew each other, God knew you! Before you dwelled in your mother’s womb you lived with God and His Infinite Spirit in His Womb! But once this Spirit, our spirit, YOUR SPIRIT exited your mother’s most precious organ as you made your grand entrance into the universe you then had to obtain a mind so that you might finally and fully function and operate while living,breathing and being in  physical world.

Now, on the other hand if you flip it you can attest to the fact that you are physically here as a human being at this present moment, in this precious moment first and foremost. So since you are a human being first what might you need in order to fully operate and function to your highest God-given ability? What’s that you say? I’ll take mental capacity for $200 Alex! So here we are, here you are, as a physical being that has had to now obtain a mind, but wait something’s missing?  Ahhh You’re only ⅔ of a being right now! Where’s your Spirit and how do you go and get it? You must go back Up where you originally started, with His Spirit,The Holy Spirit!   


You see Beloved, in the beginning God created you in His Image and in His Likeness(see Genesis 1:27-28). There is no true separation between you and God because God cannot deny Himself(even though we forsake Him, of course). God is also Our Heavenly Father for the simple fact that we are His Children birthed straight from His Womb! So, not only is He a Spirit and a Father, He’s also a Son. Wait what?! Stay with me now because this right here is a spiritual thing you can’t stay down and rely on your physical man nor lean unto your own understanding for this,You Gotta Go Up! You Must Go Up! Get this God wrapped himself up in flesh as a physical being obtained a mind and had to ascend and descend as all 3! Ah the power of 3’s Mind, Body and Spirit.


The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit, ever heard of em?


P.S. I just finished this at 4:44 am. See! The wise man and I told you  numbers don’t lie!



DaPorscha Rufus