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2 Ways To Get Your Unsaved Friends To Read The Bible...

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October 13, 20173836Shares

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One day I was walking down Walnut street in Philadelphia and I was stopped by a woman handing out pamphlets. I smiled and took one and paused for a second to see what it was. It was a pamphlet for Yoga with a picture of what I believe was a Hindu deity. The woman asked me have I ever done Yoga? I replied no, and recollected to her that I heard it helps but because it’s involvement in a faith in which I do not practice I decided not to. She then confirmed that is true but that the exercising portion of it separate from religion was still beneficial to the body.

I realized from that conversation that there is an entire wealth of benefits in the bible that would even benefit the unbeliever and perhaps we do not share that enough. Sometimes we have to share the recipe before they come over for dinner. For we know the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18.

So here are 2 ways without being a jerk to get our unsaved friends to read the bible.

First one I think is the smartest one and that is as it pertains to money. We know the significance of money on this side of eternity and the value that we humans place on it. Of course we are not suggesting we have them believe they should put their hope and trust into money but we should be savvy enough to show them the wisdom of the word of God as we continue to live out the heart of God among them. We as millennial’s come across peers that are extremely ambitious and we should be able to advise and suggest to them with the word of God. If they are building a business and need a strong team we can refer them to 1 Kings 5:5-6 that will give him insight on how to seek help and negotiate with honesty and humility.

So give orders that cedars and Lebanon be cut for me. My men will work with yours, and I will pay you for your men whatever wage you think appropriate. You know that we have no one so skilled in the felling timber as the Sidonians.

If they are considering investing which is risky we can advise them with Proverbs 24:27 that says first plant your fields then build your barn.” Meaning think long term. Recite to him Proverbs 13:16 and Luke 14:28. I told my friend who wants to build an app yet has not checked into proper licensing that the bible speaks on those that are impulsive exalts stupidity. Proverbs 14:29. He reconsidered his hast and is now thoroughly planning.

The other area again is a pretty simple way, which is relationships. If we as humans want nothing else, we want money and love. We all have friends that are either over relationships, in a relationship or seeking a relationship. If your girlfriend has a cycle of selecting poorly the type of men she involves herself with you can recite the importance of a man of integrity of the heart with 1 Samuel 16:7 suggesting a method of how to picks someone for yourself is to not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature but on the heart.

If your friend who is a good guy but just cannot catch a break and thinks it is hopeless remind him what Genesis 2:18 says that it is not good for man to be alone and that there is a woman suitably fit for him. Sometimes the best way to lead a horse to water is to bring the water to them. Everyone can benefit from the word of God, and just maybe as they see this book really has all the answers they will come to realize that only one person could have all the answers and that He is the One that if we were all more like we be much better people. Everything in the bible is good for bait that points to the ultimate focus and that is the beautiful fact that is God desires for all men be saved.

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

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