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When Will We Learn To Love

May 15, 201938Shares

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When will we learn to love!!!


Here we go again with the consistent murder of Black Men, Women and Children at the hands of law enforcement and WELL, let me say it ---- RACIST people all across the world. It seems that we are living in the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah and will continually strive to survive in a world of hateful deceit and destruction with no regard for simple human and earthly liberties and the God given right to live with-in peace and joy on a healthy earth. When does the marching stop and the hearts opens to what our purpose is on this earth; I can guarantee you this, that purpose is not to stand idly by with a raised fist and a passive eye to watch as we are being slaughtered in the streets for the purposes of gentrification and racist gratification.


When will we learn to love and seek retribution in the eyes of The Most High and place the world on notice that hate will not be tolerated nor ignored but it will be handled with the power of an old testament which is written in your moral compass. NO!!! This is not about anger, but this is about a willingness to die for peace, a willingness to die for love, a willingness to die for the right of a people and a willingness to die for all that is being destroyed. NO!!! This is not about anger, this is about a people who needs to embrace an empathic warrior spirit and stand for a world, spirit and testament that is rightfully his and hers.


So when will we learn to love and protect the womb and those that continually suffer from the wounds of a hateful and spiteful spirit that thrives in the debts of a realm of color, greed, rape, murder, pedophilia, bigotry, anger, bitterness, pain, and hurt (I can name more but you get the point). As you live in your world of his-story and parables, remember this; Sodom and Gomorrah were cleansed in love, with a beautiful destruction and my people will not look back.

Lyfe M.y. Riley

Ig @m.y.4everkynglyfe