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The Importance Of Health & Wellness Is At An all Time High & Millennials Are Leading The Pack

April 14, 2019199Shares

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Health and wellness initiatives are being amped up to an all time high and many changes are occuring that have aided all the hype. People are more concerned about the types of food they are putting into their bodies, their level of fitness and their overall wellness. Millennials, who are the largest living population,  are taking charge in this area of change. In the next few years millennials will be leading our nation's workforce making up more than a third of the American workforce and they are taking their health are wellness serious.

With so much technology and information at the tips of the general populations fingers, people are looking for more alternative methods rather than traditional mechanisms and medicines, to help change their health and wellness status. This statement stands true for millennials as well. Many millennials are looking for AND creating technologies to aid in becoming the best healthy versions of themselves. Millennials tend to lead social media influencing and therefore, social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube have become a top search engine for fitness instructions are well as wellness in nutrition.

Today you can find that many personal trainers use apps for their fitness and meal plan programs. This is a hot commodity because it creates a more cost effective program for clients, which is most certainly attractive to millennials. Through apps, personal trainers can access clients from different states, even different countries and provide them with personal training advice. Not only that, but these fitness apps can be used to create a community where clients can chat with other clients on their fitness and wellness journey. The recent rise of community fitness classes and fitness boutiques, where millennials are in high attendance, demonstrates that millennials not only want to be healthy and fit, but that they want to be healthy together, in community.

Sanford Health stated that recent studies showed next to family, health and wellness was one of the top values for millennials. It has been said time and time again that food and fitness go hand and hand and now millennials are taking heed. According to the Mintel Market Research, 84 percent of consumers of nutrition products are actively reducing their sugar intake due to health and wellness concerns, with millennials leading the pack.

As a millennials myself, I must say I am proud of us in taking the lead on fitness and wellness initiatives. As we kick butt in taking care of our overall health, we are making drastic and positive changes in the fitness and wellness culture. Taking it to new levels with fitness and wellness through fitness classes, apps, with taking advantage of our nutritional health, we can see that it is about more than having a nice or sexy body. It’s about being overall healthy and happy so that we can be present for others, our families and the purpose we are called to do here on earth. I am curious to see where millennials will take the fitness realm in the next 5 years.This is only the beginning , let’s rock this thing millennials!  


Candice Davis

Candice Davis