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Your Fashion Basics For The Winter/Spring Weather Transition

March 31, 2019180Shares

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The weather is changing ladies! It’s warming up, and it’s time to pull out that spring/summer wardrobe. If you’re anywhere in the Midwest like me, you’re in that tough transition between sixty degrees on Wednesday and snow on Sunday. I know it sucks but listen ladies, there are still outfits for that! The best part about this season is that a lot of the pieces are like hybrids, good for Winter and still bomb for Spring, and don’t worry budget is my middle name, I got your wallet’s back! I am going to give you 4 outfit solutions to tackle the winter to spring transaction!


You can always trust a good high waist pair of pants.

To be honest, a high waist jean is literally an evergreen item. These are good for any season. For these not to be on the list would be madness! Coming from Winter, and all the holidays and time off of work that we have all had, a high waist jean is the perfect item to mask all the holiday eating I did. I don’t know about you but the tummy was in full affect after Christmas and Thanksgiving. My high waist jeans are my go to going into Spring because I want to wear a nice flowing top but it’s a bit difficult to make those look clean cut over my extra, extra pounds! Want to make the transition even more? Cuff the ankles for those warmer days. Showing a little skin let’s everyone know that you’re in great expectation of the warm weather and there’s just something about a breeze down there that makes you a little more hopeful of this shift to the change of seasons!


When has a cardigan ever not been a go to?

Listen, the great thing about a cardigan is that it can totally substitute for a coat on those semi warm days. ( Don’t tell my mom I said a cardigan is a coat, she’d kill me!) A long cardigan is my ultimate go to. It can literally make an everyday outfit pop! An all black outfit with a long colored cardigan will certainly set the tone from coming out of Winter to going into Spring right away. Forever 21 is my go to for cardigans, they have an array of short sleeved, long sleeved, thin, or thick cardigans.


A maxi skirt and a cute tennis shoe.

Okay, this has to be my most favorite. A maxi skirt with a cute tennis shoes is warm enough for a breeze, but cool enough to enjoy a breeze. Dressing it down with a tennis shoe (preferably a high top pair of Vans) makes it look like you’re not trying too hard!


The Bomber

The end of winter feels a lot like autumn. With that being said, whip out your leather bomber ladies! Now this is a piece that will carry you until you don’t need a jacket outside at all! The good thing about a leather bomber is that it literally dresses anything up! I’ve worn yoga pants and a cute hoodie to the grocery store and thrown a leather bomber over it and listen honey, it was a total fit! So cute. You can even wear it on a night out where the night cools down and seems to be in no comparison to the warm weather touched during the middle of the day when the sun was shining the brightest! My go to for leather bombers? H&M!

Let’s do the math ladies. Right now, H&M’s most expensive leather bomber is running for $70.00 ( and that’s for the one with fur around the collar, the one without is $50.00), a fitted maxi skirt WITH pockets is running for $16.00 on, a long colored cardigan from Forever 21 is at about $20.00,  and a comfy pair of high waist jeans are also at about $25.00. For about $135.00 you can be styling with the basics as we go from the frigid cold to the soothing warm!

Happy Shopping!


Cherisse Cannon

Cherisse Cannon