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Everything you need to know about Captain Marvel in 60 seconds

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Everything you need to know about Captain Marvel in 60 seconds

Marvel studio’s Captain Marvel comes out tomorrow in theaters everywhere and many casual movie fans and far less causal comic book fans still do not really know who Captain Marvel is. The MCU has been stellar to this point so even with little knowledge about the character many will pencil in seeing the movie this weekend. Some key information about the character could only further one’s excitement and for us, geeks just cause us to geek out even more. So I took the liberty of cramming everything you need to know about Captain Marvel before arriving for your show time tomorrow.

Spoiler alert just in case some of the information I share ends up being a huge plot device and ruins your life.  First thing is, there is more than one version of Captain Marvel. I know, mind blown!  The titular character version in this movie is Carol Danvers. Before you begin a Sherlock Holmes type of inside your mind monologue rest assure this version here is the most popular. 

Carol Danvers is played by Academy Award winner Brie Larson; best known to us geeks as Envy Adams of Scott Pilgrim.

Captain Marvel is considered one of the most powerful heroes in the entire MCU.

She also has cultural implications as a symbol of hope and progress for women all over the world. There is a version of Captain Marvel known as Mar-vell. The original Captain Marvel. Sort of. In the MCU at least. There was a Captain Marvel created by Fawcett comics and later brought by DC comics. After intense legal Jiu-jitsu between DC Comics and Marvel, DC changed the name of the character to Shazam!  I know, mind-blown again, and what are the odds that both characters would be getting their first movie in the same year.

Ok back to the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers in the comics originally went by the alias Ms. Marvel. It would be 40 years before she would take on the mantle of Captain Marvel. Okay another big deal about Captain Marvel, she will be first Female-led MCU movie.

Captain Marvel will be set in the early 90’s which should make for some nostalgic call backs, plus Samuel L Jackson and Clark Gregg will be deaged for their roles in the movie.  

Carol Danvers backstory is her as an Airforce pilot. She gets into a experiential accident and her half Kree genetics are activated? How she gets her powers in the comics is a little different. So you may be asking what the heck is a Kree. The Kree are an alien race of extremist in a lifelong war with the Skrulls; known as the Kree Skrull war. Skrulls are a shape-shifting alien race. 

The movie is loosely adapted from the Secret Invasion storyline in the comics. 

Lastly, the most important thing about Captain Marvel is that she will play a major role in the defeat of the mad titan Thanos. (Big purple dude with the giant glove with all the stones in them.)

Captain Marvel currently sits at a solid 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. So there you have it. Enjoy the movie. 

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